Latino Climate Justice Framework

Our comunidades are disproportionately impacted by extreme weather — from farmworkers enduring unbearable heat, to other distressing effects our families are experiencing in urban areas. As Latino/a/es, we have the power to unlock climate justice solutions for our gente and the world. Watch this powerful story on outdoor workers in Arizona and join our movement to reclaim our climate justice narrative!

The Latino Climate Justice Framework exists to highlight the disproportionate impacts of climate change on nuestra comunidad latina. Our communities are heavily represented in outdoor jobs such as farm working, which means they are exposed to the extreme heat that puts workers at elevated risk for heat stroke and dehydration. Since September 2022, Latino/a/e people across America have signed onto the LCJF, joining the call for climate justice solutions designed with our gente in mind.

How We Can Help

  • Advance Clean, Renewable, Community-Based Energy

  • Advance Clean Mobility, Transportation and Shipping

  • Reduce Fossil Fuel Pollution and Sacrifice Zones

  • Plug and Remediate Abandoned Oil Wells

  • Build Climate-Resilient Communities

  • Provide Equitable Access to Clean Water

  • Protect Farmworkers from Climate Threats

  • Assist and Resettle Climate Refugees

  • Increase Community Involvement, Language Access and Pathways to Services

  • Make Equitable Funding Decisions

  • Promote Latino/a/e Stewardship of Natural World and Heritage Sites

  • Build an Equitable and Resilient Future for Puerto Rico

  • Remove Barriers to Immigration and Citizenship

Latino Climate Justice Framework

Endorse the Latino Climate Justice Framework

The work of 22 Latino/a/e organizations, the LCJF is a comprehensive framework for addressing the climate crisis and serving the needs of Latino/a/e communities across the country. This framework provides a blueprint for our partners to advocate on behalf of our communities.

Our comunidades across the country need climate solutions that will mobilize the massive investments necessary to mitigate, prepare for and prevent the devastating impacts of the climate crisis. The framework presented in this report builds upon the significant work of frontline climate and environmental justice leaders to highlight disproportionate impacts on Latino/a/e communities and help ensure our priorities are included, elevated, and protected.

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