The climate crisis is already impacting Latino/a/e communities across Colorado. Latine communities want to see action taken to protect their health and mitigate the climate crisis.

The GreenLatinos Colorado state team has worked on several critical legislative campaigns. They've had significant success passing bills they support through the Colorado State Legislature. Their victories have helped create equitable policies in their state legislature and through the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

The team members are Ean Thomas Tafoya, the Colorado State Director, active in Denver public affairs, Colorado public policy, and Federal environmental policy communities. Juan Roberto, our Colorado Clean Transportation & Energy Policy Advocate, has always been passionate about helping others. Growing up in Colorado, Jess, our Colorado State Operations Coordinator, is familiar with frontline communities' issues. She is committed to relationship-building through providing infrastructure and internal support. Patricia Garcia-Nelson is a tireless advocate who has worked to provide language justice in Colorado as an interpreter and, in 2017, became the sole parent plaintiff in a case against the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission for the approval of a permit for a 24-hour oil & gas site less than 700 yards from her son’s playground at school. Jacob, the Colorado state Transportation Advocate, advocated for Latine communities in various ways, most notably in testifying for and helping pass the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) and Advanced Clean Cars 2 (ACC2) regulations.

Who Bears the Cost?

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For more information, please contact the GreenLatinos Colorado State Team:


Ean Thomas Tafoya - Colorado State Director

Juan Roberto Madrid - Colorado Clean Transportation & Energy Policy Advocate

Jessica Sandoval - Colorado State Operations Coordinator

Patricia Garcia-Nelson - Colorado Fossil Fuel Just Transition Advocate

Jacob Belgrad - Colorado State Transportation Advocate


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