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We organize advocacy training and opportunities, provide policy support, and develop resources and information, for members to use in their advocacy work. GreenLatinos is committed to pulling up more chairs to the tables of power for communities of color, low-income, immigrant, and rural communities that are most affected by the climate crisis.

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Take Back Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, succeeding in their fight for their land, water, and culture. But since the 1980s, Cinco de Mayo has been hijacked by commercial interests to sell Mexican heritage and party on “Cinco de Drinko,” leading to cultural appropriation and misinformation about Cinco de Mayo. The GreenLatinos comunidad is taking back Cinco de Mayo by elevating this holiday as a day of action to reaffirm our commitment to protect our public lands, ocean, and culturas from those who seek to drill, mine, pollute, and otherwise destroy our cultural heritage and communities. Will you join our battle for liberación ambiental?

Thank You EPA

Thank the EPA for finalizing a strong rule to cut methane & other harmful pollutants from oil and gas operations President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently finalized standards to cut methane and other harmful pollutants from oil and gas operations across the country. Add your name to this petition thanking President Biden and the EPA for taking bold action to address climate change and protect the health and well-being of our communities.

Fact Sheet: Urging Federal & State Clean Cars Policy

Transportation is the largest source of pollution that fuels the climate crisis in the US. Finalizing strong federal standards for cars and trucks is crucial for the health of Latino/e communities.

Polis Polluter Loopholes

It’s time to close the Polis Polluter Loopholes! Low-income Coloradans of color are the most severely impacted by industrial pollution. Allowing 18 big companies to keep polluting leaves our families at risk for more asthma, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Take action here so he closes the loopholes now! Take Action & Sign the Petition Here!

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In 2022, we formalized our new membership options to offer more support, services and opportunities to active and engaged leaders in the movement - whether you are new to GreenLatinos or have been connected to us for years in one way or another, we would love for you to make it official and become a GreenLatinos member today! By becoming a GreenLatinos member you will have access to all of our resources to engage and support this work.
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GreenLatinos coordinates and convenes its members through policy working groups called Colectivos to educate policymakers, stakeholders, and the public. We also coordinate advocacy, provide training, technical assistance, and direct financial resources to our members so that we can make a positive impact across our core policy priorities.
In addition to our federal policy priorities, we also have state programs and other campaigns and initiatives. See one of those initiatives below.
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