Polis Polluter Loopholes

It’s time to close the Polis Polluter Loopholes!

Low-income Coloradans of color are the most severely impacted by industrial pollution. Allowing 18 big companies to keep polluting leaves our families at risk for more asthma, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Take action here so he closes the loopholes now!

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Close the Polluter Loopholes!

Dear Polis,

Putting Profits Before People: In the dark of night, your administration approved a new regulation benefiting 18 of Colorado’s biggest polluters. Instead of holding big polluters accountable, you created loopholes that protect polluters who are poisoning Colorado’s air. 

Our community is asking you to close polluter loopholes! You've recently sided with polluters who are poisoning our air, instead of the Coloradans most impacted. It’s time you put people over polluters. Coloradans are tired of being put at risk!

We are tired of putting our health at risk so that polluters can keep poisoning our air. It’s time you close the Polis Polluter Loopholes! 


At-Risk Coloradans