'New York Times' Ad Blasts Automaker Climate Hypocrisy, Urges Biden Action

WASHINGTON— The Center for Biological Diversity and GreenLatinos placed a full-page ad in The New York Times today blasting automaker doublespeak on clean vehicles. The ad calls on President Biden to make the manufacturers cut carbon emissions 75% by 2030 and boost electric vehicle, or EV, access and production.

The ad castigates auto companies for naming their gas-guzzling SUVs and pickups after natural landscapes. Those same vehicles cause irreparable harm to the climate and frontline communities through tailpipe emissions. The ad uses examples of the “Toyota Tundra-melter” and “GMC Sierra-burner.” It features an image of a Toyota Tundra nose-down in melting tundra.

“While automakers talk out of both sides of their tailpipes, President Biden can take action to usher out the era of climate-destroying cars and trucks,” said Dan Becker, director of the Center’s Safe Climate Transport Campaign. “The president needs to set standards that dramatically boost EV production and require automakers to slash the pollution caused by new gas-burning vehicles in the meantime. Cutting auto pollution by 75% by 2030 is the biggest single step America can take to prevent catastrophic global warming.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is due to propose new rules in the coming weeks that will likely set auto standards through at least 2030.

EVs and other clean technology they’ve already developed can help carmakers reach the 75% target. Last year California adopted a regulation to achieve 100% zero-emission new car sales by 2035, and that rule has already been adopted by several other states.

“Our communities need clean air, not more toxic auto pollution,” said Amanda Pantoja, a sustainable communities program consultant with GreenLatinos. “Setting the highest clean car standards is essential to achieving environmental justice for low-income communities of color disproportionately impacted by vehicle emissions. President Biden must deliver on his commitment to advance zero-emission transportation and ensure that vulnerable populations have access to clean vehicles in their neighborhoods.”

To drive real progress, the ad calls on Biden to direct the EPA to write new rules that:

  • Slash auto pollution 75% by 2030 by rapidly increasing EV production and cutting pollution from new gas-powered cars and trucks.

  • Close all loopholes that help automakers make more gas guzzlers.

  • Ensure frontline communities have full access to affordable EVs.

Today’s ad follows an online video campaign created by the groups and shared widely on social media in recent weeks. That campaign called on Biden to set strong emissions standards.

“The automakers are promising a revolution in clean vehicles but a look under the hood shows they’re still mostly churning out gas guzzlers,” said Becker. “Environmental groups don’t normally pay for advertising, but the investment is worth it when it comes to the nation’s largest source of carbon emissions. A safe climate depends on clean vehicles that protect the environment and communities. Biden can’t settle for automakers’ empty promises any longer.”

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