Tree Equity Alliance joint statement regarding Inflation Reduction Act awards to address Tree Equity nationally

The Tree Equity Alliance is proud to recognize the announcement of three major awards that will support the Alliance’s work to deliver the benefits that robust urban forests offer in improving health, environmental justice, and economic outcomes, especially for low-income neighborhoods. American Forests, GreenLatinos, and Groundwork USA, received $50 million, $10 million, and $10 million respectively, totaling $85 million from the over $1 billion in USDA Forest Service funding announced last week.

As three founding partners of the Tree Equity Alliance, American Forests, GreenLatinos, and Groundwork USA will use this funding to invest millions in local communities to address planning, policy, and financing needs that further Tree Equity; engage residents in community-led planning, tree-planting and maintenance; and put tens of thousands of trees in the ground in neighborhoods that need them across the U.S.

Organizations interested in joining the Tree Equity Alliance can write to Treeequityalliance@americanforests.org

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