Texas Blackouts Thread

Our own national policy manager, Michael Bueno — like many of our members — lives in South Texas, and is experiencing extremely cold temperatures, rolling blackouts, boil orders, and shortages in the grocery store, as millions of Texans struggle through this climate emergency.

Michael put his thoughts on this community and climate crisis in the form of a Twitter thread. Please read and retweet if you are on Twitter, or share the thread from our blog on Facebook, Instagram or in a text to your friends and family.

It is vital that we push back against disinformation about climate change and that we make sure our communities are at the table as we rethink our energy priorities.

As Michael writes: “Together we can push for better policies that put people first instead of profits, incentivize distributed generation, create more community ownership and investment in power sources, promote building efficiency and weatherization in homes, improve reliability, and relieve the energy burden placed on so many families.”

Finally, if you are looking for ways to help today, check out this list of Texas mutual aid groups.

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