Mariana Del Valle Prieto Cervantes

Clean & Healthy Waters Advocate

Mariana Del Valle Prieto Cervantes has committed her life to help advocate for and represent the Latinx community in the environmental movement. Raised in California’s central coast, Mariana obtained her degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Communities. She started her career near the ocean at a local aquarium where she gained experience in public education and community engagement. As the Bilingual Program Specialist, Mariana worked closely to meet their strategic goals of producing a more diverse and inclusive organization by creating and implementing bilingual blended programs and serving our Latinx visitors.

Previously, she was the Bilingual Community Educator for Our Children’s Earth Foundation, where she engaged the local community around Elkhorn Slough, CA and educated them on the dangers of consuming fish that are high in methylmercury.

Mariana also comes with experience working with local government and policy action campaigns at the local, state, and national level that provide her with a unique understanding of environmental policy and the need for the community to be engaged. Mariana serves in the Seaside Environmental Committee and was awarded the Jefferson’s Award in 2017 for her efforts of bringing together the community and its stakeholders to reduce single-use plastics at the local level. Through her work in coalition building, environmental policy advocacy, public education, and community engagement, Mariana has a strong passion and commitment to serve GreenLatinos.

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