Secretary Deb Haaland, Environmental Justice Leader Richard Moore, artist Leah V Speaks Headline Day 2 of GreenLatinos National Winter Summit

It’s day 2 of the GreenLatinos Winter National Summit and it’s apparent we are building on momentum generated by a lot of care and concern for future generations. The Summit Day 1 was an incredible collaborative effort of environmental advocacy by community supported activists, community-based organizations, and elected officials addressing issues directly impacting Latino neighbors across the continent. This historically important event provides us with a unique opportunity to find ways to address the direct experiences of climate change impacts our families and society continue to feel disproportionately.

We understand what these important times demand it when looking towards changing things now so that the lives of those yet to come after us are also positively impacted. So today we’re bringing together key governmental officials, non-profit leaders, and grassroots activists to the forefront. Enjoy a day strategy and tool-building alongside moving Latino issues forward nationally.

Here’s what to look forward to today:

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