Public Lands & Ocean



Public Lands and Ocean are often seen as a defining feature of our nation's character. Throughout our history, exclusion, oppression, and injustices have traditionally shaped the operations of policies of land and ocean management agencies and have created real barriers of access to all overlooked communities. Latinx, Hispano, indio-hispano, communities from across the nation all have deep-rooted connections to land and ocean that define our culture and sense of place. 

GreenLatinos works to create and cultivate authentic relationships by convening a broad coalition of Latinx leaders committed to addressing these public lands and ocean conservation issues that significantly affect the health and welfare of the Latino community in the United States.

The end goal is to elevate and amplify the stories of all GreenLatinos. The stories of those on the ground in local communities doing the work to project our character, culture and the proper protection of our communities, green and blue spaces, and Marine protected areas and other federally entrusted lands.


GreenLatinos conducted a post-election survey in 2016 that found that 97% of Hispanic voters felt that they and those that represent them have “a moral responsibility to take care of the earth– the wilderness and forests, the oceans, lakes, and rivers.” The reason for GreenLatinos work is to ensure that unique cultural assets to the Latino communities across the nation are properly protected.

Working Groups

The Public Lands and Ocean working group at GreenLatinos recognizes the intersectionality between land, ocean and Latino communities to be better positioned to elevate and amplify the voices of our gente. 
The Public Lands and Ocean working group focuses on the current issues and opportunities in and around federally administered lands and Ocean.
The working group seeks to address and advocate for issues that increase equitable access to these lands and coastal areas, that Latinx communities feel welcome, and that all find their own history and heritage reflected in the stories told, places protected or people working in the outdoors - both in land and ocean spaces.
The working group focuses on these efforts through sharing information and resources, uplifting and learning from our Latinx experts and leaders in this Public Lands and Ocean space, and taking direct, intentional, and meaningful action to ensure our questions and stories are heard throughout the greater conservation community.
GreenLatinos hosts Public Lands and Ocean working groups at least once every two months and is consistently working to identify new ways to empower our culture and communities of color in the public lands and marine spaces.


  • GreenLatinos hosted DC Antiquities Act Fly in with all people of color. 

  • Has been providing leadership for the Next 100 Coalition.

  • Cultivated powerful relationships with BIPOC congressional members and staffers. 

  • The Great American Outdoors Act.

  • Land Water Conservation Fund.

  • National Parks Backlog.

  • Continue to work highlighting the atrocities of the Border wall.

  • Continue to lead progressive public land conservation issues that ensure our Latinx and Hispano/indio-hispano stories are told and recognized.