Meet the Team

Maritza Mendoza

Water Equity and Ocean Program Advocate

Maritza (she/her/ella) is a first generation mexican-american raised in the Piedmont region of NC. Her passion for our natural world started at an early age, from watching ants and snails in her driveway and playing soccer. She was fortunate enough to pursue her interests in school, obtaining her Bachelor's in Environmental Science from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master's in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University. Following her studies, she led community conservation projects in the Pacific Northwest and in North Carolina..

She joins GreenLatinos eager to amplify the voices of our comunidades to shape water and ocean policies that allow us to thrive. When not tromping around outside, Maritza loves cooking large meals and discovering a myriad of artists and storytellers who connect and inspire us with our stories of joy and true liberation.