Meet the Team

Lucy Contreras

Illinois Community Advocate, Chicago

As Illinois Community Advocate, Lucy convenes members, grows resources and capacity for our frontline members, and advocates for policy priorities in Illinois. Lucy is a first-generation Chicana raised in Chicago, Illinois. She started organizing during her spare time when she was 15 years old with different non-profit animal rights organizations in Chicago. Her activism continued in college where she co-led the university’s animal rights group for 4 years and advocated for sustainability & marginalized groups through her positions in student journalism & government.

During her last two years in college, she worked on a project that resulted in a 150 page paper discussing the impacts and implications of slaughterhouse work being performed by undocumented Latine immigrants. Lucy always emphasized intersectionality in her work, as she believes that our oppressions and collective liberations are deeply intertwined.

Most recently, Lucy spent 2.5 years working in Strategy Consulting with a Big 4 and a Fortune 100 company, where she was predominately staffed in public sector projects across Chicago.

Lucy is also a writer that loves taking photos of wildlife and spending time in nature. She holds a BA from Cornell University where she double majored in Political Science and Sociology.