GreenLatinos is allocating a total of $2,650,000 in grants to increase and revitalize greenspaces in urban Latino/a/e communities across Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Chicago. This initiative is a program of the broader Greening America’s Cities Initiative and is funded by the Bezos Earth Fund.  We're collaborating with projects and organizations in each city to foster the growth of urban greening projects, including parks, community gardens, and urban forests.

Our initiative will support projects with developed plans, ready for implementation. Project types may involve creating new urban greenspaces, expanding existing ones, or renovating current greenspaces. We invite Latino/a/e environmental, conservation, or climate justice frontline organizations to join us in creating vibrant and sustainable urban environments!

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GreenLatinos Sustainable Cities Urban Greening Initiative
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the GreenLatinos Sustainable Cities Urban Greening Initiative?
The Bezos Earth Fund awarded this funding to GreenLatinos through its Greening America’s Cities initiative which launched in July 2023 with a $400M commitment through 2030. Its initiative directs funding to community organizations tackling urgent environmental and economic justice issues.

Thanks to the Bezos Earth Fund’s support, GreenLatinos Sustainable Cities Urban Greening Initiative will allocate $2,650,000 in grants for urban greening projects such as parks, community gardens, and other needed green spaces in Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Chicago.

As part of the broader Greening America’s Cities initiative, GreenLatinos will collaborate with advocates and organizations in these cities to execute several urban greening projects and support frontline Latino/a/e serving organizations with urban greening funding, advocacy, and network-building. Our initiative aims to enhance greenspaces in urban Latino/a/e communities, recognizing the historical disparity in access to such spaces and the vital role they play in community well-being. By prioritizing the development of greenspaces in our communities, we will help promote environmental justice, and create healthier and more resilient neighborhoods for all.
Why does urban greening matter?

In the US, access to greenspaces is linked to race, educational attainment, and wealth. There is extensive evidence proposing that low-income communities of color tend to have disproportionately lower access to environmental amenities. According to a 2021 report published by the Trust for Public Land, communities of color have, on average, 44 percent less park acreage than predominantly white neighborhoods. Additionally, the report revealed that parks serving low-income communities are, on average, four times smaller, with an area of 25 acres compared to 101 acres for parks serving predominantly high-income households. In research conducted on ten urban cities in the US, a robust positive correlation was observed between urban vegetation and higher education and income levels across most cities.

Urban greening, which refers to making cities greener through sustainable public landscaping that offers mutual benefits for urban residents and their surrounding environment, is significant in developing resilience to climate change. In addition, it is an effective strategy for enhancing environmental quality and mitigating extreme heat for low-income populations and communities of color. Parks and gardens naturally cool the environment and contribute to overall community wellness. Having green spaces is crucial for creating healthy, sustainable communities. 

When does the first round of applications open?
The application will open on Friday , March 29, 2024, at 6 a.m. PT/ 7 a.m. MT/ 8 a.m. CT.
What is the deadline for applications?
The application will close on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 at 5 p.m. PT/ 6 p.m. MT/ 7 p.m. CT.
Will the selection process involve multiple rounds to determine finalists? When will the final round happen?

Applications will go through two scoring rounds. Below you can find a list of key dates through the application process

  • Friday, March 29: First round of application open.

  • Friday, May 3rd: First round of application closes.

  • Tuesday, June 11: Final round of application opens (only open to finalists).

  • Thursday, July 11: Final round of application closes. 

  • Late July: Decisions are announced

How much grant money is available?
GreenLatinos will allocate $2,650,000 in Bezos Earth Fund grants for urban greening initiatives in Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Chicago, with approximately $1.05M available for each Albuquerque and Chicago and around $550k available for Los Angeles. Each project is eligible to receive grants ranging from $100,000 to $300,000.
Who is eligible to apply?
Entities that are eligible to apply are organizations with a 501(c)(3); fiscally sponsored by an organization with 501(c)(3) legal status; a fiscal sponsor with 501(c)(3) legal status applying on behalf of a project; or a federally recognized Indian tribe or organized under Section 17 of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

We seek projects at a stage where plans are developed, and the project is ready for implementation. Consideration will be given to the following eligible proposals:

CREATING a new urban green space, or
EXPANDING on an existing urban green space or
RENOVATING an existing urban green space

We are prioritizing Latino/a/e environmental, conservation, or climate justice frontline organizations or programs primarily serving frontline Latino/a/e communities in the U.S. and its territories.
What resources do I have?
We have a recording of an information session on the initive you can find here.
We have a PDF slidedeck with resoruces you can find here.
What is the application process like?
The grant application process will be divided into two rounds. The first round will contain basic details about the candidates and three critical questions regarding the applicant’s goals and project description. In the final round, chosen candidates will be asked to provide additional details regarding community involvement, long-term project benefits, maintenance plans, and organizational financials. For those needing further technical assistance to complete their second-phase application, funding of up to $750 will be available.
How will applications be reviewed?
A Community Advisory Board, composed of local leaders, elected officials, and community members in each city, will evaluate applicants in each application round. With expertise in urban greening and community needs, board members will review all grant applications, helping select finalists and awardees.
Where can I apply?

We will use the JustFund grant management platform to streamline the application and evaluation process. Please sign up or log in to JustFund to apply for our grant. Once an account is set up, you can connect to our grant application once it becomes available, as well as other funding sources. Please consider attending an applicant training hosted by JustFund to learn more about navigating the platform.

How will GreenLatinos support grantees once they have been selected?

Once projects are selected, GreenLatinos' Community Advocates in each of the three cities will collaborate with Bezos Earth Fund Greening America’s Cities Community Fellows to facilitate connections between the local projects, fostering a community where best practices and vital resources can be shared. Regular check-ins will be conducted to offer training and identify technical assistance needs.

GreenLatinos will assist awardees in overcoming implementation challenges and addressing issues. Local training sessions in each city will be organized to empower awardees with the knowledge to navigate local governments, overcoming hurdles related to regulations, land use, parks and recreation, and politics.

Awardees will also receive support for travel and lodging to attend GreenLatinos national summits, where they can connect with other urban green groups, GreenLatinos members, and leaders in Latino/a/e environmental, conservation, and climate justice. GreenLatinos will also collaborate with awardees to provide information on additional urban greening funding opportunities, including federal programs like the USDA Urban Forestry grant.