36 Latinx Groups from Across U.S. Ask President Biden to Deliver On Clean Transportation

Washington D.C.—  Thirty-five Latinx environmental justice advocacy groups from across the country sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris today, calling for his administration to address the disproportionate impacts of tailpipe pollution on communities of color. Investing in zero-emission transportation, advocates say, will help deliver significant air quality benefits and help save thousands of lives annually in Latinx communities. Eighteen additional environmental and equity groups signed the letter in solidarity to support an equitable transition to electric transportation.

“Toxic pollution from cars and trucks are cutting lives short in Black, brown, and low-income communities across the U.S.,” said Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, Clean Transportation Advocate with GreenLatinos, which drafted and engaged signers of the letter. “President Biden’s commitments to electrify the U.S. fleet is a step in the right direction, but we need stronger action that directly and holistically addresses environmental racism. There is an urgent need for strong action and forward-thinking when it comes to addressing transportation emissions and access, and we hope we can work together with our federal administration to bring clean transportation to Latinx communities nationwide.”

The letter outlines six policy recommendations for an equitable and sustainable acceleration to an equitable zero-emission vehicle future:

  • Phase-out of the sale of new fossil-fuel powered vehicles sales by 2035

  • Electrify all vehicles on the road by 2050

  • Invest in comprehensive, clean public transportation networks

  • Establish clear and effective incentives for cutting pollution from medium and heavy-duty trucks

  • Develop incentives for the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles and ensure that these vehicles are accessible to all

  • Coordinate clean transportation action across federal agencies and in consultation with hard-hit communities

Gas and diesel powered vehicles account for more than half of the substances that make up lung-damaging smog. In the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S., people of color breathe 66 percent more pollution than white residents, and in California, Black, Latinx, and Asian communities are exposed to about 43 percent more vehicle pollution than white residents. Implementing the policy actions outlined in the letter could result in 6,300 lives being spared, 93,000 asthma attacks being avoided, and save about $72 billion in medical-related costs, according to an analysis from the American Lung Association.

“President Biden, we applaud you for your focus on environmental injustice. We live and breathe the reality of systemic environmental racism every day by living in neighborhoods next to highways and in diesel death zones,” said Mark Magaña, Founding President and CEO of GreenLatinos. “Now it is time to back up your words with strong action. We ask that you invite our communities to an inclusive table and commit to consistent and sustained action to cut transportation pollution, lift up struggling families, and bring justice to our communities.”



  2. Azul

  3. Be The Change-Colorado

  4. Call to Action Colorado

  5. Casa Quetzalcoatl

  6. CleanAirNowKC

  7. Coalition for Environment, Equity & Resilience (CEER)

  8. Community Nature Connection

  9. Corazón Latino

  10. Day One

  11. EcoRise

  12. GreenLatinos

  13. Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

  14. Hispanic Federation

  15. Hispanics in Philanthropy

  16. Latinas in Cleantech

  17. Latino Outdoors

  18. League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

  19. LINK Houston

  20. MANA, A National Latina Organization

  21. Mi Familia Vota

  22. National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts

  23. National Hispanic Medical Association

  24. National Latinx Psychological Association

  25. Physicians for Social Responsibility - Arizona Chapter

  26. Pittsburghers for Public Transit

  27. Sachamama

  28. Society of Native Nations

  29. The CLEO Institute

  30. The Last Plastic Straw

  31. The Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project

  32. Together for Brothers (T4B)

  33. Unite North Metro Denver

  34. Utah Coalition of La Raza

  35. Vidas Viequenses Valen

  36. Vote Solar


  1. Coltura

  2. Cornell University

  3. Cottonwood Institute

  4. Earth Action

  5. Earth Ethics, Inc.

  6. Endangered Species Coalition

  7. GreenFaith

  8. Mothers Out Front - Colorado

  9. North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE)

  10. NYU School of Medicine

  11. Ocean Futures Society

  12. Ohio Environmental Council

  13. Pomona College

  14. San Jose State University

  15. Sierra Club

  16. Solar United Neighbors

  17. Union of Concerned Scientists

  18. WildEarth Guardians

  19. Yale School of the Environment

Click here to read the letter.


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