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Western Fire and Forest Program Director

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Western United States


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The starting salary range for this position is $99,000 - $140,000 depending on qualifications, experience, and location. The location for this position is negotiable in the continental western United States. Salary and salary ranges will vary depending on the location of the selected candidate

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Dec 5, 2022

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The Western Dry Forests and Fire Director provides strategic leadership and guides execution of the unified Western Dry Forests and Fire Initiative which centers on a 2030 goal that 50 million acres of dry, historically frequent fire or mixed fire forests across the Western U.S. and Canada are on a trajectory toward increased health and resilience to climate change and wildfire via improved land management.

The work of this Initiative takes place within the complex social-ecological systems that encompass Western forest management. Rapid learning and adaptation are foundational to the development of this new program. The Director must embrace an interdisciplinary approach that unleashes the full potential of forest and fire management, science, policy, and communications staff working in multiple western states and at the regional and national levels. The Director will bring together this substantial but often siloed workforce by fostering a shared vision and collaborative team structure across business units, and with diverse internal and external partners, in service of these goals.

Guided by a Steering Committee, the Director serves as an expert advisor and senior thought leader, establishing the Conservancy as a major conservation partner in forest and fire management across the Western U.S. and Canada -- and in appropriate spheres at the national level. The Director plays a leading role in developing complex and innovative solutions; cultivating strategic relationships with public agencies and key decision-makers; collaboratively developing and advocating for policy positions; informing and delivering strategic communications; and supporting public and private fundraising, including donor identification, cultivation, and stewardship. The Director will be a key point of contact both internally and externally on Western forest and fire priorities. The Director will report to the Colorado Business Unit Director for the first three years in the position. This supervision may rotate to a different BU Director for the subsequent three years. The Director will recruit, hire, and supervise additional WDDFFI staff as appropriate.

The Director may work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances. This position may require frequent travel domestically and work during evening and weekend hours.

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