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Teen Team Facilitator

Job Location

US and International locations, depending on expedition placement


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$100/day Stipend

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Jan 25, 2023

About the job

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This summer we plan to run a number of teen teams in the United States and internationally, from late June to early August. Teen teams offer 15–18-year-olds the opportunity to conduct field research by working alongside experienced scientists at the cutting edge of conservation research, gaining first-hand knowledge of, and trying to find real and achievable solutions to, some of today’s most pressing environmental challenges.


We are seeking dynamic, flexible, and hardworking individuals to facilitate our 2023 teen teams. Facilitating one of our teen teams is an intensive yet highly rewarding experience. Facilitators provide support to the research team by managing the additional care and supervision of our teen participants. Facilitators ensure the teens’ safety and welfare, establishing and enforcing rules/codes of conduct, contributing actively to problem-solving and troubleshooting, and implementing various recreational or educational activities; facilitators also participate on the expedition as a volunteer alongside teen participants.


Facilitators typically support one or two, 6–10-day teams during the summer. When placing facilitators on teams, we consider many factors, including project needs, research requirements, and distance to the project site. Earthwatch policy maintains a 6:1 teen-to-adult ratio. Depending on the size of the team and the makeup of the research staff, there may be 1–2 teen facilitators per team. Please note, that each offered position is dependent on sufficient volunteer recruitment; in some cases, teams are canceled due to low recruitment.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


• Supervise all teens on the project, ensuring participants’ safety and welfare

• Establish and enforce rules and codes of conduct, including Covid-19 protocols, as set forth by Earthwatch and developed with the group through an expectations group session

• Implement activities after pre-fielding planning and coordination with the Earthwatch Scientist and Program Manager. These may include:

— Icebreakers and team-building exercises

— Careers in the sciences discussions

— Recreational and/or cultural activities

• Problem solve and troubleshoot during the team, including dealing with team dynamics and inclusion, homesickness, and field emergencies

• Maintain regular contact with Earthwatch office and contact for all but minor problems



• Book any required wilderness first aid/CPR or lifeguard training up-front. With proper documentation, you can be reimbursed for these expenses prior to fielding

• Participate in 2–3 virtual pre-expedition training sessions over Zoom and any other training requirements as needed

• Submit health and travel information prior to 30 days before the start date of the team

• Track expenses for reimbursement after the end of the expedition. Please review the Reimbursement Policy for specifics

• Complete the Facilitator Evaluation within 30 days of completing the expedition




• Be 21 years of age or older

• Be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

• Have experience and interest in working with youth, such as teaching experience either in classroom or field settings and/or experience leading groups of youth, including managing group dynamics, team building, mediation, and problem-solving

• Be willing to be an Earthwatch ambassador in the field with the PI/field staff and team members

• Have international travel experience and/or cross-cultural experience

• Consent to undergo a criminal background check (Please note that any criminal record will disqualify the applicant.)

• Meet eligibility requirements as described in your assigned project’s online expedition briefing

• Have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record



• Previous participation on an Earthwatch expedition and/or experience in the field with scientific research data collection

• Current wilderness first aid/CPR certification (must be willing to obtain certification at the expense of Earthwatch Institute if not already certified)

• Current lifeguard certification (on projects where swimming is a possibility)

• Proficiency in a language other than English (for expeditions in non-English speaking countries)

• Availability and willingness to facilitate multiple expeditions

• Experience driving large vehicles (12 passenger vans, minivans, etc.)


Company Benefits

· $100/day stipend

· Travel to and from expedition paid for by Earthwatch

· All accommodations and food during expedition paid for by Earthwatch


Interested applicants should apply by following this link.

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