Stewardship and Education Coordinator

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Escalante, UT


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Jan 16, 2021

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The primary objective of this position is to help a variety of audiences connect to GSENM in meaningful and impactful ways, enabling individuals to serve as responsible land-use advocates and stewards of the Monument. The person in this position will support existing GSEP and Escalante River Watershed Partnership initiatives, as well as collaborate with the Education Programs Manager to expand new events/programs, in the form of logistical and administrative support as well as program facilitation/implementation. The Stewardship and Education Coordinator will recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers; schedule and coordinate public events, such as community lectures; collaborate with GSEP staff and other agency/organization staff to develop stewardship/service opportunities for GSEP constituents; and carry out other tasks related to facilitating constituent connections with GSENM.


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