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Sales Administrative Assistant

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Alexandria, VA


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Feb 23, 2022

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10 am - 6 pm Mon & Thur–Sat , 1 pm - 5 pm Sun

Start April 2022


Please apply through our online form:

You must be logged into a Google account to apply through our online form. If you do not have a Google account, apply via email to


Description: Pedego Alexandria is looking for a salesperson to assist in administrative tasks, sell our bikes and accessories, oversee day-to-day operations, and attend to renters. Sales training is available, no prior knowledge needed! We’re looking for someone smart, determined, and considerate. We can train a great person to be a great salesperson, we can’t train a great salesperson to be a great person.



· Stay educated and up-to-date on Pedego brand, e-bike policy, and industry trends

· Pitch Pedego e-bikes to potential customers and advocates

· Persuade patrons to purchase Pedego e-bikes

· Handle monetary transactions via point-of-sale system

· Organize and maintain digital and physical files system

· Complete and submit paperwork and audits in timely and thorough fashion

· Administrate documentation, recordation, registration, and reporting

· Manage communication channels such as phone, direct messaging, and email

· Conduct day-to-day tasks and routines for upkeep of storefront

· Facilitate rentals, steward renters and attend to urgent concerns


Basic Qualifications:

· Any prior work experience

· Interest in electric bikes

· Urge to systemize and organize

· Charisma and excellent listening skills

· Speak fluent English

· Follow detailed instructions

· Talk coherently and concisely for extended periods

· Get to the shop on time

· Lift 100 lbs to chest level

· Possess driver’s license

· Navigate Windows 10 and Google Chrome

· Comfortable with word processing and spreadsheet software

· Quickly shift between tasks

· Curious about current events

· Fast learner with good memory

· Accept responsibility for mistakes easily

· Take personal pride in quality of service

· Cultural competency and sensitivity

· Support of mobility justice, sustainability, accessibility

· Desire to go above and beyond basic duties


Bonus Qualifications:

· Prior retail or clerical experience

· Trained in accounting or bookkeeping

· Practiced in pitching ideas

· Competent in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

· First-aid certification

· Great music taste

· Speak Spanish

· Ride a bike

· Any special skill

· Own a Pedego e-bike :)


About Us: Pedego Alexandria is a small, family-owned, local Pedego Electric Bikes dealer, bike shop, recreation activity, and accessories boutique. We sell, rent, and service Pedego brand e-bikes. We also offer tours and serve our community.


What We Offer:

· Advancement potential

· Small, supportive team atmosphere

· Safe, chill, and fun environment

· Accommodating and compassionate management

· Autonomy and open communication

· Free e-bike rentals and bike servicing


If you don’t meet our qualifications or are overqualified, apply anyhow! We are open to taking on apprentices ($11/hr wage) or negotiating with professionals.

Women, people of color, veterans, LGBT+, neurodiverse, & older adults are encouraged to apply!

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