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Rumney Campground Manager

Job Location

Rumney, NH


Type of Job



$11,000-$16,000 (30 to 40 hrs per week)

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Published Date

Jan 26, 2022

About the job

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Deadline to Apply February 28, 2022

Rumney Campground Manager


The American Alpine Club (AAC) is looking for a multi-talented and driven individual to join

our team as the Manager at the Rumney Campground. The Rumney Campground Manager

is responsible for the oversight of the Rumney Campground. This includes networking with

local stakeholders and the AAC Volunteer Network to build in-house and collaborative

community programs that support the AAC mission. Additionally, the Manager is

responsible for hiring, training, and overseeing part-time staff, as well as the daily

operations, maintenance, and guest services, ensuring the success of the AAC’s Rumney



Please visit for more information on the position and how to apply.

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