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Jun 1, 2023

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LOCATION: Flexible; must be located within the U.S.

COMPENSATION: This position is a full-time salaried position with a salary range of $60,000-$80,000 depending on experience. Benefits include, but are not limited to: 403b plan with employer match, vacation, holidays, sick, technology and coworking space reimbursement, and health stipend.


NOMINATION FORM: Know someone who would be perfect for this position? Let us know!

Upstream’s Vision and Mission
Upstream is a non-profit organization that helps business, non-profit and community leaders remake how we consume to protect our planet and create thriving local economies, communities and people. We spark innovative solutions to plastic pollution, but for us, the problem isn't just single-use plastic - it’s “single-use” itself. It's the throw-away society at the root of plastic pollution and a host of other problems. So we're building a movement to make throw-away go away. We’re working for a world where people and the planet are treated as indisposable, and where businesses and communities thrive on reuse-ability. And we invite you to co-create it with us.

With brands signaling support for shifting from single-use to reuse/refill packaging systems, big opportunities have opened up for projects, policies and infrastructure to transform how we consume. A New Reuse Economy is developing and growing quickly to replace single-use consumption. But with these commitments and momentum come competing ideas around vision, strategies and tactics. Many entrenched interests want to defend and expand the single-use status quo. Upstream’s vision is for 30% of consumable goods to be sold in reusable formats in the U.S. and Canada by 2030 - by transforming the food service, beverage and consumer packaged goods sectors. This position plays an essential role catalyzing that transformation through our collaborative networks.

Job Description
The Reuse Networks Manager position ensures that Upstream continues to grow and serve our large community of “reuse solutioneers” working on activating change across business and policy sectors. Our role as thought leaders, first-movers and experts within the reuse space is expanding to include collaboration with a growing set of stakeholders. The Reuse Networks Manager will bring a systems-view approach to aligning these players, supporting new policies and identifying new programmatic and project opportunities.

Upstream’s core roles within the reuse movement are as conveners, facilitators and bridge-builders who grow and support a community of reuse solutioneers across nonprofit, business, community and government sectors. These networks include:

  • The Reuse Solutions Network (RSN) - since 2019, now serving more than 750 NGO, government, community, and reuse service company leaders.The Government Reuse Forum (GRF) - since 2020, now serving more than 270 government officials in state and local government.
    The Reuse Coalition Leadership Network (RCLN) - a newer network serving leaders in Community Reuse Coalitions across the United States and Canada.
    Cross-network subcommittees - small, focused workgroups each tackling a key issue area in service of the movement.

Leveraging these networks and their active advisory councils and subcommittees, this role works with the Upstream program team to facilitate, educate, and align stakeholders on reuse policy and implementation.

The Reuse Networks Manager will report to the Policy Director.

Core Responsibilities
The Reuse Networks Manager leads Upstream’s three branded networks (RSN, GRF, and RCLN) and helps staff their active subcommittees to prioritize Upstream’s support of reuse education and adoption throughout the US and Canada. The Reuse Networks Manager will directly manage these networks and serve as a spokesperson for Upstream. Each network is treated as a highly-valued Client. The Client expects a networking experience with curated high-quality content for an online audience.

Working with advisory councils for each network, this role will be responsible for designing and setting annual agendas in coordination with the Policy Director and messaging with Communications, Marketing, and PR. Annual goals may shift, but in essence goals will include growing the networks and improving the quality and relevance of the content. The Reuse Networks Manager will have experience inspiring movements, supporting and advocating for environmental justice initiatives and managing large networks.

The Reuse Networks Manager will leverage the vast supply of content that Upstream generates and participate in its creation. We develop and produce content that adds value, showcases the reuse economy we’re working to create and helps facilitate shared learning, understanding and action across sectors. Some of our featured content is through:

  • Indisposable Live - our livestream series focused on topics and issues our community wants to dive deep on.
  • The Indisposable Podcast - featuring the heroes working to make reuse a reality.
  • Our Blog and Vlog - featuring news and topics of interest.
  • Our Learning Hub - with resources arranged by topic.
  • Reports, briefs, fact sheets and other resources.
  • Ongoing programming in our networks.

In collaboration with the Policy Director, the Reuse Networks Manager will help identify the best opportunities for Upstream to add value through our many communication streams and help develop and implement strategies for the Upstream team to execute.

The Reuse Networks Manager will:

  • Lead Upstream network facilitation and administration across RSN, GRF and RCLNCreate and share presentation materials for each network (content for network meetings)
    Support development of subcommittee work products (e.g. model policies, actions toolkits)
    Facilitate lively, thought-provoking discussions following each network’s regular meeting cadence
  • Build and steward relationships across the business, government and non-profit sectors where we work
  • Work closely with Communications, Marketing, and PR functions to develop new resources and model policies to promote reuse policy and implementation
  • Publish reports, blogs, vlogs and podcasts and represent Upstream via speaking engagements and in key strategic forums

Knowledge, skills, and abilities
We recognize the person who fills this position could come from a number of backgrounds. Experiences this person needs to be successful include:

  • At least 5 years experience leading large, complex networks and projects with confidence and impact
  • Well-organized, able to run/administer online platforms (e.g., Basecamp) and systems to manage relationships and workstreams with strong attention to detail
  • Public speaking skills and experience for in-person and virtual settings
  • Facilitation skills and experience engaging with diverse stakeholders and navigating the various lived experiences that exist in these spaces
  • Flexibility to occasionally work evening and weekend hours when needed to support network events (this is rare)
  • Some knowledge of policy development processes is preferred
  • Strong preference for candidates with experience supporting environmental justice initiatives

Additional Context about Upstream’s Work

Upstream is in the midst of a transition to focus on not just policy but also on how we can be catalysts to implement change with newly engaged players in the reuse space, including corporations. To this end, we launched the Reuse/Refill Action Forum - co-produced with the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network and the Meridian Institute - in 2022, now serving more than 160 leaders from food service, beverage, CPG and retail brands who are ready to engage meaningfully on reuse. We also recently launched Chart Reuse™, the industry’s first foodware reuse analytics platform that can help companies plan for their reuse transitions and measure their impacts along the way. While the Reuse Networks Manager position will not directly manage these projects, the program team works closely together and aligns on all aspects of our work.

Our Values
Upstream operates as a small, virtual team with team members distributed across the U.S. We place a high value on work-life balance and on honoring the privilege of getting paid to do this good work every day. Our work culture balances trust and independence with an equal measure of collaboration and emphasis on supporting each other to do our best work.

Embody Upstream values (the 5 “i”s)”

  1. Innovative / Solutioneer / Problem-Solver - We are Solutioneers. If we see problems or challenges, we  innovate solutions to move forward.
  2. Inspiring / Positive / Passionate  - We work to stay inspired and be inspiring in our work.
  3. Invitational / Friendmaker / Culture-Steward - We invite others to co-create the more beautiful world we all want.
  4. Inclusive / Welcoming / Considerate - We value experiences and perspectives different from our own and strive to include these voices in decision-making for greater effectiveness.
  5. Integrated / Grounded / Personal Ecology - We are Essentialist in our priorities. When there is a setback, failure, or disappointment, we’re able to identify the key learnings and share them. We own our mistakes. We talk to each other, not about each other.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Upstream commits to prioritizing voices and identities that have been underrepresented by using a robust and intentional recruitment process to ensure our job postings and contract opportunities reach underrepresented people.

In recruiting for our team, we welcome the unique contributions that you can bring in terms of education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

We highly encourage those with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply.

For more information on Upstream’s commitments to Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism, please visit:

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