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Project Manager – Innovation and Technology Solutions

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Seattle, WA


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The estimated starting salary for this position is dependent on qualifications, experience, and base location. • Salary range in Seattle, WA: $61,700 - $68,200 annually

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Mar 10, 2022

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The Project Manager – Innovation and Technology Solutions is charged with managing projects and working with cross-functional teams to initiate projects that use innovative methods, conservation finance, and/or new technology solutions. Our hope is to test novel ways of leveraging the technological capacity of our region to address chronic barriers to conservation in Western Washington. Climate change is an overarching threat with impacts already being felt in our region, often in disproportionate ways. This position will work with teams, contractors, community partners and experts to design, test and adapt new methods and ideas while processing and reporting on learning from projects that are oriented to provide benefits to nature and people. They will work collaboratively in teams that include both TNC staff and partners across projects that may touch down in urban, rural, and marine areas. They will be part of a TNC team that works to bridge science and partnerships for the greatest environmental and social benefit on a project portfolio that will change over time.

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