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Philadelphia Climate Works Organizer

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Jun 12, 2023

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*This position requires an ability to occasionally travel. May work from home or the office*


Scope: The Organizer works under direction of the Philadelphia Climate Works (PCW) Program Manager to implement the Sierra Club’s PCW Program in concert with a strong, diverse, and broad-based climate justice movement in Philadelphia to build a more just, equitable, and resilient city. PCW is a co-convener of the HERE4CJ Coalition (Housing Equity, Repair, and Electrification for Climate Justice) which brings together community organizations, home repair providers, workforce and community development partners, and climate justice groups across Philadelphia to fight for safe, healthy, affordable, fossil-free housing for all. The Organizer’s role includes supporting and amplifying HERE4CJ’s mission and campaigns, as well engaging with other efforts to reduce the city’s reliance on fossil fuels and increase climate resilience.

Job activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Grows the PCW and HERE4CJ coalitions. Builds relationships with new and existing community and coalition partners working on climate, social, and environmental justice. Recruits, coordinates, and facilitates grassroots involvement in the coalitions. Develops and implements a variety of engagement strategies (both on-line and face-to-face) to expand networks.
  2. Performs administrative advocacy to build support for policies and programs. Makes presentations to community groups and governmental bodies regarding PCW campaigns/issues and writes press releases, newsletters, flyers, petitions, fact sheets, and other public-facing materials to keep the coalition members, decision-makers, and the general public informed. Performs research and consultation on emerging issues of interest to the coalition.
  3. Assists Program Manager with coalition operations. Schedules, facilitates and attends meetings of coalition partners and prospective members, and reports back results. Assists with meeting and event logistics.
  4. Consults with the Program Manager to set outcome and process goals. Establishes indicators to evaluate progress and impact of the organizing program.
  5. Performs miscellaneous duties as directed. This includes administrative and clerical duties as assigned by the supervisor.

The successful candidate must demonstrate the following skills, experience and competencies:

  • Experience working on advocacy in the environmental justice or social justice field that includes research and organizing campaigns, online engagement, communications, and/or working closely with volunteers.
    Basic knowledge of issues related to environmental, racial, economic, housing, and gender justice in Philadelphia, as well as an understanding of systems of oppression and political power dynamics.
    Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills. Includes writing and producing written materials, such as letters to the editor, blog posts and newsletter articles, and/or advocacy materials. Excellent verbal communication skills and demonstrated ability to clearly articulate ideas and easily strike up conversation with diverse groups of people.
    Strong ability to network, build trust, and maintain effective working relationships with a diverse group of staff, volunteers, and community members.
    Proficient computer skills, including online facilitation and social media.
    Strong equity analysis and practice. Awareness of your group identities and how they have shaped your life and experiences at work. Analysis of how racism and other forms of oppression in society impact relationships, systems and culture. Skills for working effectively with colleagues across group identities and position/role.

The strongest candidates will also demonstrate the following skills, experience and competencies:

  • Basic understanding of clean energy and climate policy, especially as it relates to environmental injustice, worker transition, and decarbonization of buildings.
    Existing relationships with climate justice movement organizations in Philadelphia.

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