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Natural Resources Planner II

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Annapolis, MD


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$24.31 - $38.83/hour

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Nov 10, 2022

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The Natural Resources Planner II supports the implementation and management of watershed restoration projects supported by the Chesapeake and Coastal Service. This position assists with the installation, planting, adaptive management and monitoring of targeted watershed and habitat projects.


The NRPII coordinates with project partners including state and local government agencies, non-profits, contractors and field technicians. This position monitors, verifies, and reports on project status and completes functional assessments. They will review and interpret data involving ecology, hydrology, forestry, physical and chemical processes to improve land management and project maintenance. The NRP II creates reports, and guidance documents for the ongoing maintenance and management needs for projects and assists in decisions on appropriate management actions.


This position also assists with technical assistance, outreach and education on certain watershed & restoration themes and leads volunteers in plantings, invasive species management, and clean up activities. The main objective of CCS restoration projects are to increase the implementation of ecological restoration in Maryland through the construction of projects that reduce nutrient pollution to the Bay and enhance, create and/or restore terrestrial or aquatic habitats that are resilient to climate change.


Applications should be submitted via the State of Maryland website,

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