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Native Plant Nursery Member - Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon, AZ


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Jul 19, 2023

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American Conservation Experience, a nonprofit Conservation Corps, in partnership with Grand Canyon National Park, is seeking One Native Plant Nursery Member to assist NPS Staff with the management of the greenhouse, nursery, and various natural resource monitoring projects.


For more information about ACE, please visit:

For the full position description and to apply, please visit:


Start Date: September 4, 2023

Estimated End Date: February 15, 2024

*a 24-week minimum commitment is required *


Location Details/Description: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Grand Canyon National Park, in Northern Arizona, encompasses 278 miles (447 km) of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. Located on the ancestral homeland of 11 Associated Tribes, Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular examples of erosion anywhere in the world—unmatched in the incomparable vistas it offers visitors from the rim.


The primary public areas of the park are the South and North Rims, and adjacent areas of the canyon itself. The rest of the park is extremely rugged and remote, although many places are accessible by pack trail and backcountry roads. The South Rim is more accessible than the North Rim and accounts for 90% of park visitation.


The park headquarters are at Grand Canyon Village, not far from the South Entrance to the park, near one of the most popular viewpoints.


For more information about Grand Canyon National Park, please visit


Schedule: Monday - Thursday, 10 hour days 6:30 am - 5:00 PM is the starting work schedule. In October, the schedule will shift to Sunday - Wednesday or Tuesday - Friday but would stay consistent as one of those options based on intern preference. The member will occasionally work condensed work schedules with an increased number of days working, and then being off. For example, 8 days on 6 days off.

Position Overview: The ACE Member will perform a variety of duties to manage the native plant greenhouse and nursery in Grand Canyon National Park in support of habitat restoration and revegetation projects.

Greenhouse management duties may include:

  • Growing native plants as well as seed and cutting propagation
  • Monitoring greenhouse climate control systems, indoor and outdoor irrigation systems, and propagation chambers
  • Managing greenhouse plants, shade-house plants, outdoor container plants, nursery landscaping and seed increase fields
  • Coordinating seed treatment and stratification schedules, seed cleaning, germination testing and seed storage
  • Implementing integrated pest management techniques as needed by applying proper pesticides or fungicides
  • Scheduling and planning for nursery staffing including soliciting volunteers for projects and facilitating training/ orientations for field data collection procedures

Additional duties may include:

  • Scheduling, coordinating and carrying out a wide variety of field activities in support the enhancement of native plant populations
  • Field activities include salvaging native plants, seed collection and cutting collection
  • Using complex inventory databases while developing and ensuring quality assurance/quality control (QAQC) procedures are followed during data management processes.
  • Overseeing data entry by interns and volunteers
  • Completing data analysis and summaries
  • Coordinating data management activities with the data manager and vegetation program manager.
  • Assisting in preparing field trip summary reports, and contributing to annual project reports
  • Preparing and presenting data summaries and results at meetings and conferences with stakeholders, the public, tribes, and other resources professionals

This individual placement is meant to facilitate professional development and promotes exposure to land management agencies and networking with professionals. This could include gaining experience in different conservation fields and shadowing different work groups.


Position Benefits

Living Allowance: ACE Member is expected to contribute ~40 hours/week and will receive a living allowance of $675/week to offset the costs of housing, food, and incidental expenses, dispersed bi-weekly.

Housing: ACE members will be accommodated in provided park housing at no cost for the duration of the term.

Travel Allowance: Members will receive $350 for project related travel. Members will also have $400 per diem towards lodging, meals, and incidentals costs incurred while doing work related travel. Further details regarding distribution of these funds will be provided during the interview process.

Gear Allowance: ACE members will have up to $300 to spend on eligible gear purchases. Eligible gear for this position will be discussed upon hire and must be approved by ACE staff prior to purchase.

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