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National Grid: Grid for Good Particpant

Job Location

NY, CT, NJ, or Boston


Type of Job



13.50 per hour

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Published Date

Sep 8, 2021

About the job

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Grid for Good aims to connect young adults (18-24) with career exploration program designed for young adults to explore non-traditional, in-demand jobs in the energy industries. You will have the opportunity to learn about Grid for Good and its offerings that include exposure to energy industry career paths, strategies in conflict management, team building, work ready, bootcamp; workplace expectations; create a resume; online training applications and interviewing; and be connected with recruiters from participating companies.


The first step is the two weeks of workshops (paid), following that is the optional mentoring commitment for four weeks (one hour meeting per week, unpaid), and following the completion of the mentoring program you can apply for a Work Experience Role or a position with National Grid. The Work Experience Role pays $1,400 and the duration is two weeks.


We would love to have you join us to uncover a little of such an important and growing industry!

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