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Director of Transportation

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Los Angeles, CA


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Apr 27, 2022

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Position Summary:

The Director of Transportation’s responsibility is to build and expand LACI’s zero emission transportation related activities, and advance LACI’s Transportation Electrification Partnership (TEP).

The Transportation Electrification Partnership is an unprecedented regional public-private collaboration to accelerate deep reductions in climate and air pollution by the time of the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games by pursuing bold targets, pilots, initiatives, and policies that are equity-driven, create quality jobs, and grow the economy. The Director of Transportation plays a critical role in managing TEP and ensuring steady progress towards the ambitious goals the partnership established in the Zero Emissions 2028 Roadmap 2.0.

The Director of Transportation also serves as LACI’s internal subject matter expert on the transportation sector and will serve as a conduit to facilitate meaningful pilot and customer engagements between promising startups and TEP partners, as appropriate. The Director of Transportation must stay current on market trends and educate LACI and the broader ecosystem on relevant policy, regulatory, technology, and industry trends via internal briefings, white papers, thought leadership events, etc. This position requires significant relationship development and management as well as familiarity with the zero emission transportation sector and policies.


What You’ll Do:

TEP Management: Working closely with the CEO and SVP of Market Transformation, determine annual goals for TEP, plan the strategies and actions needed to achieve those goals, and oversee day-to-day implementation and evaluation of those actions

TEP Program: Develop compelling TEP programming to engage partners and advance progress towards Roadmap goals, including convening annual events (TEP Retreat, TEP Summit), quarterly partnership meetings, monthly working group meetings, and regular Leadership Group meetings. Engage in pilots ideation, development, and execution with the pilots team and others to help accelerate progress toward TEP’s regional targets

Develop relationships with all TEP partners: Identifying opportunities to deepen our collaboration with each partner. Help identify additional strategic sectoral leaders needed to achieve our regional targets, and work to engage and recruit these prospects, and then support as partners. Represent LACI and TEP externally, engaging regularly with policymakers, industry leaders, startups, NGO and CBO communities. Oversee the publication of LACI’s monthly zero emission transportation newsletter and provide strategic guidance for the development of TEP related MarCom materials

Staff and Consultant Management: Manage the Transportation Team (a subset of Market Transformation) to implement actions to advance TEP goals. Create “Scope of Work” for, hire, and manage consultants, as needed to advance TEP Roadmap.

Subject Matter Expertise: Make recommendations on policy positions on transportation related issues. Help source, vet, recruit, select early stage clean transportation company applicants to LACI’s programs. Support LACI startups by facilitating connections to TEP events and partners, where appropriate

Budgeting and Grant Writing/Management: Shape the Transportation Team annual budget. Lead relevant grant writing opportunities, coordinating with the Development Team. Oversee the management of grants secured by the Transportation Team


Why You’re Right for the Job:

You’re a master connector. The ability to connect with people and connect people to each other has enabled you to build strategic partnerships and lead mutually beneficial collaborations across groups with seemingly different interests.

You’re a leader and understand the ins and outs of the Transportation Sector: You see technology as a way to improve Transportation goals not just in Los Angeles, but the entire country. You can easily dive into logistics and are able to problem-solve where organizations can help meet LA’s Transportation initiatives including electrification, public transportation, goods movement, etc.

Public speaking doesn’t scare you at all. In fact, you have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with and between a variety of stakeholder groups and project teams, whether you’re casually contributing to a meeting or making a public presentation.

You work well autonomously and can switch gears or pivot quickly. While LACI is a non-profit, it more closely resembles a start-up with a rapidly changing environment. You will need to wear multiple hats well, be comfortable in a results-oriented culture, and not require daily oversight or check-ins to be successful.

You’re authentic and approachable. Your demeanor and openness often lead people to approach you with their honest thoughts and feelings. You’ve been told that your responses to problems are refreshingly authentic and empathetic. You hold these confidences with care, so people know they can confide in and depend on you.

You’re PRO-LACI. Translation: you’re a proactive, pro-environment, pro-solutions professional that is dedicated to making the world a cleaner, safer, better place to live in through clean technologies. In addition, you have a commitment to inclusion, or the need for solutions to support all people in a community regardless of race, religion, gender, immigration status, or ethnicity.



Basically, we want to know you can get the job done. This means you have:

● 8+ years related work experience

● BA/BS degree required

● Command of transportation electrification policy issues at the local, regional and state levels

● Experience galvanizing support and inspiring action among diverse stakeholders around a common goal; in particular experience building and supporting coalitions that include community based organization (CBOs), environmental justice organizations, etc.

● Excellent communication skills, especially including ability to coordinate the activities of partners over whom you have influence but not authority

● Strong organizational skills including ability to assess dependencies, manage details, adhere to deadlines, and follow up on action items

● Strong staff management skills and readiness to collaborate across teams

● Network of connections among several of the following groups: OEMs, EVSE companies, public transit agencies, L.A. City and County government, California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, California State Legislature, U.S. Department of Transportation, NGOs/CBOs, private foundations, as well as research institutions.


Preferred Qualifications

● Experience drafting model legislation and engaging in local and state legislative processes

● A proactive, pro-environment, pro-solutions professional that is dedicated to making the world a cleaner, safer, better place to live in through the effective implementation of new sustainable technologies

● While LACI is a non-profit, it more closely resembles a start-up with a fast-paced environment. The successful candidate will need to play multiple positions well, be comfortable in a results-oriented culture, and not require day-to-day hand holding to be successful.


Position Details:

This is a full-time position, starting immediately. LACI operates out of the La Kretz Innovation Campus, in the bustling Downtown LA Arts District. Since we are rapidly growing, you will be getting in on the ground floor at LACI, with the opportunity to evolve with us and shape your future here.

In addition to working on a campus with other innovators, we offer industry competitive benefits including: paid holidays, vacation/sick time, 401(k) plan, and paid parking. We also support alternative transportation with a metro pass for every employee. Although we trust that you can do amazing work remote or from your home office, this is an in-house only position.


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