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Crew and Managers Incident Response Camp Solid Waste Management and Recycling Program

Job Location

Western United States


Type of Job



$275/ Day (starting, Crew) or $385/ Day (starting, Manager)

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Published Date

Apr 10, 2023

About the job

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We're looking for energetic, motivated individuals who love working outdoors to join our team!

Perennial Zero Waste is an environmental consulting company based in Bellingham and Seattle, Washington.


Help us make a tangible difference in the face of the ever-overwhelming climate crisis by working to divert 30% of waste from landfills through implementing and realizing food reallocation, composting, and recycling operations at wildland fire camps.


Past employees have found this job a good fit when seeking a seasonal, on-call position that allows them flexibility while gaining experience working in the environmental industry.



  • Duration: July 1st - end of wildfire season (For students, until school is back in session)
  • Filling roles in various regions on the West Coast (WA, OR, CA, WY, ID, CO, MT)
  • Camps can last anywhere from 5 to 60 days, with most trending towards 8-14 consecutive days.
  • Compensation: $275/ Day (starting, Crew) or $385/ Day (starting, Manager)
  • Camp and work on-site with the team, prepared to work 14 consecutive days before a mandatory 48-hour break.
  • Must reside in Washington, Oregon, California, or Texas.
  • Must be vaccinated for COVID-19 and Tetanus at the time of employment.

If this interests you, check out the application resources listed below:

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