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Corporate Accountability Campaigner

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Feb 16, 2022

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Oil and Gas Corporate Accountability Campaigner


Are you a right and left brain thinker? Fed up with corporate America? Or just someone who takes special delight in speaking truth to power? Do you care about public health, environmental justice, climate change and corporate accountability? Are you sick and tired of the oil and gas industry greenwashing as the climate crisis worsens??


Then this position may be what you’re looking for.


Join Earthworks’ growing team of committed advocates and help facilitate a national and global effort to hold the oil and gas industry publicly accountable for their climate pollution. This job helps shape the national conversation regarding oil and gas methane pollution’s impact on climate change and the risk it poses to decision makers (investors, insurers, and policymakers) who allow these companies to continue operating despite a long history of irresponsibility and deceit. You will work as part of our internal accountability team and coordinate with a multi-group, national campaign calling for more transparency and accountability from the oil and gas industry.


The world’s most powerful oil and gas companies try to garner public goodwill with bold climate promises while actually slow-walking and in some cases undermining action that would hold them accountable to those promises. Calling out hypocrisy to people with political and financial power over the oil and gas industry is important to achieve public health and climate protections, and strengthen the case for transitioning away from fossil fuels entirely.


As part of Earthworks’ Corporate Accountability Team the Corporate Accountability Communications Campaigner will:

Build an understanding of industry power dynamics by:

  • Reading and analyzing industry news sources.
  • Power Mapping major oil and gas corporations and identifying key decision makers
  • Collaborating with partners who hold relationships with these key players to communicate important narratives.

Identify and insert compelling arguments into the public conversation by

  • Reviewing and amplifying reports, studies, and direct evidence--including Earthworks’ unique optical gas images of industry methane pollution--that show the extent of oil and gas methane.
  • Working with researchers to advance evidence that oil and gas methane is worse than companies will admit.
  • Generating earned media in publications that our target audiences (investors, policymakers and insurers) read.
  • Creating compelling digital media designed for target audiences that debunks industry myths.

Assist in narrative changing rapid response campaigns by:

  • Drafting press statements.
  • Assembling social media sharing guides with simple and effective digital media.
  • Building relationships with key staff within groups across the country working on methane-related issues.
  • When possible, respond to known/expected media coverage of industry conferences or individual company events.

Continuously compare industry words and actions by:

  • Tracking industry commitments.
  • Reviewing new permits from target companies
  • Collecting data on measured methane pollution


  • Highly motivated, proactive work style and excellent investigative skills.
  • Strong written communications and interpersonal skills.
  • At least 3+ years of advocacy, research, and/or communications experience.
  • Experience working on corporate accountability efforts; existing relationships with corporate accountability campaigns and campaigners would be helpful.
  • Experience using innovative methods to promote and win campaigns, particularly campaigns focused on investors, policymakers, and insurers.
  • Commitment to anti-racism and intersectionality, as well as to equity, inclusion and justice as organizational practice and culture.

The Corporate Accountability Campaigner will report to the Corporate Accountability Campaign Manager. In coordination with Earthworks Communications Director, Earthworks Policy Director, and key partners and allies, the Corporate Accountability Campaigner will create an annual plan with clearly articulated priorities and success metrics.

This is a full-time temporary position (guaranteed for one year), working remotely, with a salary range of $55,000-63,000 depending on experience. We provide a competitive benefits package, including employer-paid health, dental, and vision insurance, a focus on work-life balance, and generous holidays and vacation time.

About Earthworks
Earthworks is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, DC, with 40 employees across 15 states. We work to protect communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mining and energy development while seeking sustainable solutions. We support frontline communities, reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions, and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption. We seek to ensure that communities’ voices and concerns are heard in the corridors of power, from the nation’s capital to state houses and legislatures.


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Earthworks is committed to challenging and dismantling systemic oppression. Earthworks’ Board and staff understand that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) both within and beyond Earthworks is critical to carrying out our mission to protect communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of resource extraction. We understand that our commitment to DEI means a dedication to constant learning and improvement.

Earthworks welcomes applications from diverse candidates and is an equal-opportunity employer. Earthworks evaluates employees and applicants for employment on merit, competence, and qualifications and does not tolerate discrimination.


How to apply


Apply online with a cover letter and resume. Feel free to submit any creative writing links such as stories you have placed, blogs, social media handles, or any other online presence that highlights your experience.

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