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Contractor- Program Operations Manager

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Dec 1, 2021

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POSITION TITLE: Program Operations Manager Contractor


SUPERVISOR: Director of Program Operations and Special Projects

DURATION: ASAP to June 1st, 2022



The Program Operations Contractor will serve as a member of the Program Operations Team and is managed by the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects. The Operations Team is responsible for developing and maintaining systems, procedures, and effective communications to support staff and increase efficiency across the department. In addition to the Operations Team, the Program Department is comprised of the following sub-departments: Campaigns, Actions, Communications, Online & Distributed Organizing Departments.

The Program Operations Contractor is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Program Department. This individual provides critical support to the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects in overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the Program Department to ensure increased productivity and efficiency in campaigns and projects. Overall, the Program Operations Contractor will facilitate the effective execution of operational and administrative processes and procedures and is key to supporting the Department in delivering a successful, integrated program; this may include managing internal communications, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning, staff development and training, finance and budgeting, system, process, and protocol maintenance, annual and long term objective setting, and human resource processes like onboarding and offboarding.


Deliverables during contract:

  • Meeting preparation and facilitation for Program Operations Department Meeting, Operations Manager meeting, Program Staff Meeting, Program Leadership Meeting, and Staff Meeting.
  • Design and execute the evaluation for Asana, a new project management tool in the department.
  • Manage two Program Operations Coordinators and one Program Assistant.
  • Assist in the rollout of a new finance platform by communicating timeline and expectations to various stakeholders on training, budget entry, and department guidelines.
  • Manage the budget forecast process by communicating deadlines and guidelines to key stakeholders, and providing additional support where needed.
  • Manage the quarterly staff allocation process to provide updated actuals to Finance.
  • Supervise the production of quarterly, departmental newsletters.

Operational Management (60%)

  • In collaboration with the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects, support the Annual and Long-term Objective setting process for the department. This includes:
    • Providing key updates and deadlines to the Program Leadership Team and Program staff;
    • Working with the Program Operations Team to develop and implement annual Program Operations team objectives.
  • Manage two Program Coordinators and one Program Assistant and develop and maintain a vision of Program Operations role in the Program Department;
  • Work closely with the Program Leadership Team, Project Leaders and Campaign Directors on the process for overall campaign and project planning and calendarization;
  • Communicate development programs for Program staff to the Program Leadership Team, in conjunction with Senior L&D Specialist and the GPI PAL Unit;
  • In collaboration with the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects and the Program Assistant track program staff participation in professional trainings.
  • Establish and manage the on/offboarding programs for Program staff, and inter-Program role changes in a matrixed management system.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, and Learning (20%)

  • Help the completion of End of Year Report
  • Support the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects in reporting to GPI, Board, etc on Program work as needed;
  • Support Project Leaders and Campaign Directors in financial reporting internally and internationally.

Finance and Budgeting (20%)

  • Serve as the main point of contact for the department with the Finance Team for Program Staff.
  • Monitor financials and advise the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects and other budget holders on their budgets as needed.
  • Collaborate on financial reporting for the Programs Department for GPI, GP Fund, and external funders.
  • Work with the Director of Program Operations and Special Projects to clearly define and communicate the annual planning/budgeting process, with set timelines and expectations.
  • Educate and/or facilitate the education of Program Staff on financial procedures and needs according to their roles;
  • Produce information to assist Finance in external and internal audits.


  • 5 years of experience in a related field, including 2-3 years experience in social change or related organizations.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to think strategically and analytically
  • Strong attention to detail with the ability to track and manage multiple projects at one time
  • Proficiency with Google Suite, Asana, Slack, and other similar programs / general computer literacy
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate and facilitate the completion of large administrative projects in a timely manner, including meeting strict deadlines
  • Strong organizational skills with a keen ability to prioritize, multi-task, and meet deadlines
  • Proven project and financial management expertise and/or experience
  • Proven ability to work both independently and in close coordination with a diverse team
  • The ability to manage up
  • Highly motivated person, interested in working in a fast-paced, values-driven environment with the flexibility to do what’s needed to get the job done;
  • Commitment to non-violent direct-action as a means of affecting change.
  • Understanding of environmental issues or willingness to learn issues related to the position.

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