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City Forester - Community Forestry

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Jun 21, 2022

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  • Assists in the formulation and implementation of plans for the planting, maintenance, and removal of plant materials
  • Identifies priority planting areas in coordination with CDPH and CDOT, assists community tree stewards in conducting field surveys to determine viability of new planting locations in key priority communities
  • Estimates the costs and materials associated with new plantings and submits to supervisor for inclusion in the bureau’s budget
  • Coordinates and monitors activities of landscaping contractors ensuring work conforms to specifications and plant materials meet City quality standards
  • Coordinates and monitors the activities of community tree stewards
  • Visits nurseries and selects trees for mass planting projects throughout the city
  • Assists in conducting field surveys to inspect trees and other plant material to determine quality, rate of growth and insect and disease damage and recommends treatment plans to correct problems identified
  • Estimates the extent and cost of injuries to trees subjected to environmental damage and submits to supervisor for inclusion in the bureau’s budget
  • Supports the implementation of Our Roots Chicago, the City’s equity tree strategy, in coordination with CDOT, Mayor’s Office, CDPH and local partners.
  • Enforces the municipal code as it relates to the protection of City trees
  • Provides professional horticultural and landscape advice to citizens, departments and agencies
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