Bull Run Watershed Protection Manager (Environmental Regulatory Coordinator)

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Portland, OR


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Feb 18, 2021

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The Portland Water Bureau is seeking a qualified Bull Run Watershed Protection Manager to join their Resource Protection and Planning Group.

The Portland Water Bureau’s Resource Protection and Planning Group is seeking an Environmental Regulatory Coordinator to serve in the role of Bull Run Watershed Protection Manager.  This position is responsible for managing the watershed protection program for the Bull Run watershed, the primary source of drinking water supply for the City of Portland.  This position will report to the Source Protection Division Manager.  

This position is the city’s primary operational liaison with state and federal agencies responsible for land management, fire protection and related environmental permitting, including the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Oregon Department of Forestry.   The Watershed Protection Manager will lead review, permitting, and on-site inspection of environmental design standards for maintenance and repair of forest roads on both city and USFS lands.  The Watershed Protection Manager will serve as the Bureau’s primary resource advisor and onsite liaison during wildfire suppression incidents, including deployment to a USFS/ODF Incident Command site and/or PWB Emergency Operation Center.

The Watershed Protection Manager will work closely with bureau staff responsible for water supply system engineering, watershed hydrology and water quality, watershed security, and fish and wildlife protection.  The successful candidate will have excellent communication and coordination skills, and an ability to problem solve in emergency situations.  Experience with forest fire incident response and the National Incident Command System is desirable.