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Academic Traveling Teacher

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Bozeman, MT


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Mar 9, 2022

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The Traveling School seeks academic teachers who are passionate about transformative education and intentional community living during a 15-week semester on the move. The position requires a creative, organized and flexible individual with strong interpersonal skills to work in a dynamic environment. TTS teachers create the framework for each semester, teaching academic classes, incorporating experiential opportunities and engaging with the people we meet and the places we travel. Teachers need to bring a positive, mature influence to their teacher team and be able to supervise, teach and mentor a group of high school girls during a semester. Teachers not only teach academic classes, they also facilitate team-building activities, oversee contracted activities, manage risk on a daily basis and bring the FUN. Like students, teachers have limited personal space or free-time for the duration of the four-month contract and are requested to step back from technology, stay present in the experience and engage with the immersive, community focused mindset of the program.


If you want to learn more about this position or start an application you can go to our career page!


We also have an apprentice teacher application for candidates with less than two field seasons of experience.

****The TTS apprenticeship is designed for aspiring educators with fewer than ~1-2 seasons in the field as an outdoor educator AND less than 1 year of experience teaching in the classroom. Our vision is to mentor apprentice teachers to develop new skills that will equip them to more confidently enter a faculty role with The Traveling School on future semesters. If you have more experience than this, we encourage you to fill out a teacher application.

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