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GreenLatinos Texas Community Advocate - Full time

Texas, USA

Job type

Full-time employee - Starting salary range $60,000-$75,000 depending on experience and qualifications.

Location: Texas

Position Description

The GreenLatinos’ Texas Community Advocate will launch GreenLatinos Texas State Program with support from GreenLatinos staff. The scope of this work falls within our Strategic Plan goals as applied to the State of Texas.

The GreenLatinos Texas Community Advocate will convene our members from across sectors of the movement to build relationships, partnerships, and collaborations that help to break down historical barriers between sectors and more efficiently share the unique resources (financial, information, access) that each of us have. We will also support the significant work already being done in our communities by our current and future members, by identifying, developing, and directing resources to help them grow their programs and make them more sustainable. As the community grows, we will be in a better position to successfully advocate together for Just and inclusive policy making, actions, and solutions that address the historic barriers communities experience in their efforts to advocate for their needs and priorities and achieve their environmental liberation.

These priorities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Prioritizing the health and safety of the most impacted communities, including fenceline communities and frontline workers.

  • Identifying and developing resources to be directed to the Latino/a/e programs and organizations that are already doing the hard work in our communities to help them grow sustainable programs.

  • Convening current and future GreenLatinos members and curating opportunities for them to share and build mutually beneficial cross-sector relationships, partnerships, and collaborations.

  • Delivering opportunities to elevate the voices of Latino/a/e serving organizations and community members in programming, policy, and media.

  • Building and supporting increasingly powerful coalitions and opportunities for our members to promote and advocate on policy and legislative solutions that benefit the well-being of our communities at the local, state and federal level.

  • Expanding GreenLatinos Texas membership and the resources provided to them.

  • Collaborating with the GreenLatinos National team to ensure policy priorities align when possible.

  • Amplifying and supporting policy solutions proposed by GreenLatinos’ members, and allied organizations, and leaders within the Texas environmental justice movement.

The Texas Community Advocate (“Advocate”) will focus on initiating GreenLatinos’ engagement with and support we provide for our growing network of members in Texas. They will be responsible for developing and executing a portfolio of advocacy, resource development, grant management, convening, programming, and communications. The Advocate will bring our members together to promote mutual policy and legislative priorities within the broader Texas environmental movement, and with local, state, and federal elected and appointed officials.

The Advocate must be a well-organized individual who has experience working with diverse constituencies (communities of color, local justice organizations, businesses, government, foundations, and allied green groups), working in coalition with grassroots and national environmental organizations, and advocating for and implementing fair and equitable partnership practices with these communities. The Advocate must have the ability to develop and execute a work plan that includes policy, communications, grassroots engagement, effective utilization of resources, establishing measurable results, and assisting the CEO with fundraising strategies to meet the resource needs of the program.

The ideal candidate is self-driven, a team player, and comfortable working remotely. The ideal candidate will be able to communicate (verbally & in writing) clearly and report accordingly with their supervisor/s and other staff. The ideal candidate understands that it is critical to uphold professional practices as a representative of GreenLatinos and its network during all work-related functions including travel, receptions, and events.

The Texas Community Advocate will report directly to the Founding President and CEO.

Responsibilities include

Member Services and Organizing:

  • Convening Texas Latino/a/x environmental and conservation advocates and creating the space for them to meet and build relationships, partnerships, and collaborations.

  • Identifying and developing resources to be directed to grow the Latino/a/e programs and organizations that are already serving their communities.

  • Building and supporting coalitions and creating opportunities for our members to advocate on behalf of their communities.

  • Serve as primary lead for GreenLatinos Texas membership organizing.

  • Cultivate a growing list of GreenLatinos members, Latino/a/e organizations and ally organizations interested in GreenLatinos Priorities

  • Coordinate GreenLatinos members to organize community actions such as community education materials, community training, local elected meetings, and advocacy, including online/virtually

  • Assess and lead on follow up regarding Texas member requests.

  • Provide consistent state and National legislative updates to Texas GL members that provide opportunities for member engagement in the legislative process.

  • Provide successes of Texas GL members to CEO and GL communications.


  • Work with GreenLatinos Texas members to communicate with local, state, congressional offices, and administration/agency officials on issues related to the needs of our comunidad and strategic goals.

  • Determine and execute regionally-specific public support in advocacy, including but not limited to: signing on to public letters, authorizing GreenLatinos endorsement of legislation, participating as official parties to regulatory proceedings, and track such actions through appropriate channels.

  • Joining and engaging with coalitions that GreenLatinos is or should be a part of. Identify actions for GreenLatinos to take and work to execute.


  • Develop English/Spanish content in collaboration with our communications team including press statements, website content, social media content, graphics, blog posts, op-eds, etc. to be disseminated to GreenLatinos members, partners, and the general public on issues relevant to GreenLatinos TX and national priorities.

  • Lead the creation of policy education materials including fact sheets, infographics, legislative updates related to the Texas portfolio issues.

  • Assist with the preparation of talking points, briefing materials, and reports related to GreenLatinos’ Texas portfolio for GreenLatinos CEO, Board, and GreenLatinos Members when necessary.

  • Assist in the planning and execution of GreenLatinos Members Updates including Monthly Webinar, Newsletter, Update Emails, Announcements, and more.

  • Serve as a media spokesperson for GreenLatinos on Texas issues when necessary.

  • Produce press releases and statements for GreenLatinos Texas priorities.

Program Management:

  • Work with GreenLatinos staff to develop a strategy and work plan for the Texas State Program which may include the development of grant proposals and criteria, submission process, outreach, budget execution, grants management, and reporting for grantees.

  • Assist CEO, Development Consultant, and other GreenLatinos staff with funder relationships, updates, grant development, grant management, and reporting related to the Texas State program.

  • Manage project expenditures within the allocated budget and ensure required resources are allocated for project delivery and implementation


  • Assist in the planning and execution of virtual and in-person GreenLatinos events throughout Texas and support on national events.

  • Provide GreenLatinos Texas members opportunities for in-person/ virtual meetings with elected and appointed officials on priority issues identified by membership.

  • This position may require some travel within the United States if it is safe to do so

Position Requirements

  • Bilingual English/ Spanish intermediate

  • A Bachelor's degree or a minimum of five years of work experience.

  • Preference for those who have experience in the area of Texas state advocacy and organizing.

  • Experience with organizing, grant management, programming, communications.

  • Experience working effectively with diverse communities. Especially Spanish speaking communities.

  • Experience working effectively on environmental and climate justice issues.

  • Dedication to equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice and centering frontline communities.

  • Ability to communicate effectively and concisely via writing and verbally

  • Must have an ID sufficient for domestic travel.

  • Must be able to provide your own personal computer and mobile phone for work. (financial assistance can be provided where needed).

  • Spanish speaking and writing capabilities are a plus.

How to Apply

Required Application Documents to be emailed to with the subject line: Texas Community Advocate

  • Resume/Bio

  • Cover Letter

DEADLINE: Applicants must submit all information by February 10, 2023,  We will be reaching out to applicants as they come in on a rolling basis.

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