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Time is Running Out for President Biden to Set Clean Car Standards that Lead the World


Emissions are soaring to their highest levels ever and climate disasters continue to mount. Car and truck pollution is driving the climate emergency and disproportionately harming our most vulnerable communities. President Biden has limited time to show true climate leadership and set strong clean car standards that meet this critical moment


The president must cut auto pollution 75% by 2030 by ensuring that the US makes a rapid transition to electric vehicles and slashes pollution from new gas-powered vehicles in the meantime.


The auto companies are fighting to block progress at every turn. While they’re promising new electric vehicles, they’re refusing to use affordable, ready-to-use technologies  that would reduce cancer-causing vehicle exhaust in SUVs, pickups and sedans. The pollution from these cars is destroying the very places they’re named after: the Tundra, the Sierras, and Giant Sequoia forests. We don’t have any more time or room for big auto hypocrisy and dirty gas-powered cars that will pollute for years on the road.

Join us in urging Biden to stand up to automakers and adopt the strongest clean car standards in the world.

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