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Buses, NOT Gondolas!

Little Cottonwood Canyon y nuestra comunidad merecen respect!

Buses, not gondolas, for canyon transportation.




Please tell UDOT to reject their recommended Gondola Alternative and invest public funds in buses and transit hubs in communities of color, including frequent year-round service. 

Gondola facts:


  • It will only stop at the private ski resorts, Snowbird and Alta, and operate during the ski season. No summer or fall rides. No access to United States Forest Service public lands, including trailheads and campsites. You need a car to get to the gondola station.

  • It is funded by Utah Taxpayers and will cost $1 billion to build, plus millions to maintain each year. That is enough to fund free public transit for years. 

  • Frequent bus service is more financially and environmentally sustainable.

  • Construction will lead to tree removal, diminished water quality, loss of wildlife habitat, and disturbance of Tanners Flat campground.

Think about it. How would you spend over $1 billion to improve transportation in Utah? Tell UDOT that a gondola is an inappropriate misuse of public tax funds. 


Latinos have half as much access to a car compared to White Americans and are twice as likely to rely on public transit. But buses are only proposed as a part-time solution to enjoying the beauty of U.S.F.S. public lands in Little Cottonwood Canyon for Utahns and all public members.


This is an environmental INJUSTICE.


Communities of color are three times more likely than white communities to live in nature-deprived places. Equitable transportation in Little Cottonwood Canyon is the key to resolving the "nature gap" for those who don't have access to clean, healthy natural environments. And that key goes into public transit, which is directly accessible from where Utah's communities of color and low-income residents live. 

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