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Toxics & Pesticides Working Group


Working Group Co-Chairs: 
Virginia Ruiz, Andrea Delgado


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Scientists believe that some chemicals found in the products we use in our homes and in the workplace may be contributing to rising rates of reproductive problems, early puberty, and cancers.

Asthmagens are numerous chemicals found in indoor environments that cause or exacerbate asthma. These chemicals can be found in building materials and commonly-used household and personal care products. Exposure can occur during product manufacture, installation, and everyday use.

Latinos & Toxic Chemicals

<<  Residents in Latino communities may be more susceptible to health effects of certain chemicals, more likely to be exposed at         home and in the workplace, or both.

<<  Toxic flame retardants are found in the bodies of more than 98% of Latina women living in the U.S.

<<  Nearly 1 in 2 Latinos in the U.S. currently live in counties that frequently violate ground-level ozone standards.

<<  55% of Latino-Americans live in California, Texas, and Florida – three states that are already experiencing serious effects of           climate change, including a historic drought, record-breaking heat, and increased flooding.

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