Ecomadres Team






Gaby Rivera- Regional Field Manager (ECOMADRES)

Gabriela has a long history of constituency and political organizing, both at the state and national level. She organized to increase Latino civic engagement and access to higher education in California and Arizona. Coming from a diverse community herself, Gabriela brings her organizing experience to Moms Clean Air Force because she understands that the health of children from diverse communities are disproportionately and adversely impacted by the environment in which they live.

Gabriela is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego where she received a Bachelor’s in Political Science, with a specialization in International Relations. She received a Master of Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco






Dee Dee Belmares


Dee Dee Belmares - San Antonio, TX

Contact Dee Dee Belmares at to learn more or volunteer.

Dee Dee was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She currently lives in San Antonio with her partner of 18 years, Melissa, their son, Austin, and their two dogs, Henry and Selena. Dee Dee has a BA in History from Southwest Texas State University and is also a small business owner.







Claudia Najarro


Claudia Najarro - Nevada

Claudia brings to Ecomadres  5 years of leadership expertise in the Las Vegas community in the field of health and politics representing low-income communities and people of color. Her previous role at CHISPA NV allowed her to engage the Latino community in environmental issues and develop them into leaders that organize and inspire change in their communities. Claudia currently resides in Las Vegas with her husband and kids who are the root of her motivation to ensure that her peers are armed with the necessary knowledge and tools to advocate for a safe and healthy environment for all. As a member of the Moms Clean Air Force team, she commits to continuing education in order to drive the change needed to raise air pollution awareness and empower others to take action.






Columba Sainz


Columba Sainz - Arizona

Columba was born and raised on the border of Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, CA. She currently lives with her husband and two daughters in Phoenix, Arizona. Columba holds a degree in Liberal Arts and has worked for over 10 years on uniting her community and teaching faith, with a focus on early education and youth group programs. Columba had the opportunity to join a group of moms at a local library, interacting with moms from different countries (India, Kazakhstan, Peru, Turkey, and Colombia) and despite the difference of cultural backgrounds or religion, they were able to agree with one thing, “Moms are willing to be direct and work hard to ensure that they are building a cleaner world for their kids.” Columba believes in the power of unity and advocating together so that our children are free from contamination, toxins and pollution. She deeply believes that small communities can make huge impacts in the world, therefore she wants to educate members of her community to ensure that they have the tools that are necessary to advocate for themselves.






Celerah Hewes


Celerah Hewes - Arizona

Celerah grew up in Corrales, New Mexico where she loved to climb trees and race her bike with the neighbor’s horse. After moving to San Francisco to get her MA in U.S History, she returned home to New Mexico to have a family. Since returning, she has been working with local businesses who believe that taking care of people and protecting air, land, and water is as important as profit. She has a four year old daughter who loves exploring nature and hopes to help preserve that for other families.




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