TAKE ACTION TODAY: Stand Up for Science and Stand Up for Our Communities

We need your help. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to censor the science it uses in its decisions—and ignore research that shows that air pollution harms health.

Polluters and their allies have tried for decades to undermine key studies that show the true health costs of air pollution, including that air pollution kills. Now the Trump Administration seeks to grant their wishes by proposing to ignore these important health studies at the EPA. 

The likely result: weak limits on air pollution that fail to reflect the science and fail to protect health.

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I call on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to withdraw this proposal to censor science. EPA already relies on transparent science to make its decisions. The proposal will not improve this process. Instead, it would allow the agency to censor critical health studies that show the health impacts of air pollutants.

My family depends on EPA’s national air pollution limits to protect our health. If EPA ignores critical health studies on the impacts of air pollution, we will not have safe air to breathe.

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