Latinos Act #SaveLWCF

LWCF is America’s most important tool for meeting communities’ conservation and recreation needs, from iconic national parks and wildlife refuges, to battlefields and historic sites, to working forests and critical habitat, to neighborhood playgrounds and recreation facilities.

The parks created through LWCF provide Latinos a way to reconnect to something central to our culture and identity. These green spaces are ideal for family gatherings and for facilitating community connections. In this way, the nation’s parks brings Latinos together. LWCF provides spaces for children and their families to walk, hike, run and exercise safely near their homes.

Who's signing

Congress must act to permanently reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund before it expires on September 30, 2018. The Land and Water Conservation Fund is critical to our communities ability to continue to preserve our unique cultural identities while better ensuring that all of our families – regardless of means – have access to safe, green, parks to have fun and enjoy nature.

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    Parks are essential for the well being of our communities. The benefits of LCW are far reaching and vital for a strong community. Moreover, Latinos need access to local green space.
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    Sign the petition: Latinos Act #SaveLWCF - LWCF is important to creating community parks like Rio De Los Angeles State Park in Los Angeles!
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    The Land and Water Conservation Fund as been an essential tool to making urban parks like the Rio De Los Angeles State Park in my community in Los Angeles. We must protect the federal funding that allows communities the ability to create more green spaces and parks. Healthy Parks= Healthy People.

    Congress must act to reauthorize LWCF permanently.
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    The LWCF is a landmark law and firm foundation for generating federal dollars for conservation. Its more relevant and necessary today than ever. Revival of livable cities is dependent upon federal dollars to make more green space.