Working Lands Engagement Coordinator, 1000 Friends of Oregon

Position: Working Lands Engagement Coordinator
Status: Permanent, exempt, 1.0 FTE, 37.5 hours per week
Hours: Primarily weekdays, some evenings, weekends, and holidays required
Compensation: Salary = $45,000. Medical plan. Dental plan. Vision plan. Retirement plan. Paid
holidays. Generous paid vacation & sabbatical plan.
Reports to: Rural Lands Attorney
Location: Remote in Oregon

Help shape Oregon’s future!

Founded in 1974 by Governor Tom McCall, 1000 Friends was created as a watchdog organization
to protect Oregon’s land use system. Now, 45 years later, we are responsible for the protection of
the 61.3 million acres of our state’s spectacular natural areas, rivers, lakes and streams, and our
thriving working lands that contain some of the most, productive lands in the world. Additionally,
within 800,000 acres within the Urban Growth Boundaries within our 241 cities and towns, we
work to increase housing and transportation options, and investments in parks and natural areas
to maintain livability for a rapidly increasing population statewide. Join our team today!

Our Mission
Working with Oregonians to enhance our quality of life by building livable urban and rural
communities, protecting family farms and forests, and conserving natural areas.

Our Vision
The ultimate outcome sought by 1000 Friends is an Oregon in which all people share in the
economic and ecological benefits of great communities and healthy working landscapes.

Our Values
We believe in the uniqueness of Oregon and a livable state for all Oregonians.
A state that sustains with fruitful working lands and breathtaking iconic places.
A state that thrives because of great communities that welcome all.
A state we call home.

Our Investments in Our Team
1000 Friends of Oregon offers competitive compensation, 403(b)k or savings-plan matching for
eligible employees, excellent benefits, flexible/family friendly work schedules, generous paid
vacation and sabbatical plan, and a collaborative work environment. We also provide professional
development opportunities. As a result, you will find a culture that supports and inspires
achievement and personal development.

Position Description
1000 Friends of Oregon has a Farmer Advisory Committee (FAC), currently chaired by a board
member and made up of approximately 50 farmers, ranchers, and foresters from all over the State
of Oregon. The FAC exists to convene and organize members of the agriculture and forestry
communities to advocate for the protection and improvement of Oregon’s land use laws from the
critical perspective of those working the land. The Working Lands Engagement Coordinator will be
a liaison between farmers, ranchers, foresters, the FAC, and state and local elected officials. The
goals of the FAC include preventing negative impacts to our land use system from harmful
legislation or regulations. The role of the FAC and the Coordinator are to increase the awareness
of Oregon legislators and other elected officials to the importance of our land use system and the
current and future needs of farmers, ranchers, and foresters. It is critical that this position
facilitate outreach to legislators, county commissioners, and other local leaders in both rural and
urban areas.

The Working Lands Engagement Coordinator will also work closely with many of 1000 Friends’
“affiliates” to effectuate these objectives. These are about a dozen independent groups and
organizations, around the state, each of which focuses on land use issues in their particular
geographic area. There is overlap in both membership and objectives between the FAC and many

Essential Functions
Working with the FAC Chair:
Grassroots Advocacy:
o Serve as liaison to and facilitate communication between FAC members and state and
local decision makers to ensure the FAC members are effectively communicating with
each other and with their legislators, county commissioners, and other elected officials.
o Organize one-on-one meetings and field tours with FAC members and their elected
o Train FAC members on land use talking points and legislative advocacy techniques
(defensive and proactive).
o As time allows, represent the FAC at strategic gatherings throughout the state.
o Coordinate common activities with local affiliates as appropriate including calls to action
during legislative sessions
o Assist FAC members with submitting responses to articles and letters to the editor
through ghostwriting and submission support.
o Prepare materials and talking points for FAC members and outreach materials for other
farmers, ranchers, foresters and elected officials, and affiliates on overlapping issues.
Build Membership and Collaborations:
o Recruit and maintain FAC membership.
o Coordinate with allies including, but not limited to, the Oregon Farm Bureau, Friends of
Family Farmers, and affiliate groups of 1000 Friends of Oregon.
o Outreach to build new relationships with working lands communities and groups
throughout the State.
Assist with management of the FAC:
o Assist the FAC leadership with strategic planning and priority setting.
o Assist with planning and logistics of FAC meetings and engagements.
o Assist FAC leadership with communications to members, elected officials and other groups
and individuals (with assistance from 1000 Friends of Oregon communications staff).
o Background in outreach and community organizing, including administrative aspects of
o Experience with committee/board management
o Strong verbal and written communication skills, including through electronic media
o Understanding of farming economy and communities in Oregon
o Experience working in rural communities
o Ability to travel around the state regularly and work remotely
o Ability to work with diverse populations and groups
o Experience with legislative advocacy, land use, agricultural and forest policy issues, and
environmental and land use law.

To apply submit a resume, 3 references, and a cover letter describing why you are the ideal
candidate for the position. Provide these materials as a single PDF document and email them to with FAC Field Coordinator in the subject. Position open until filled.

The successful applicant must meet the requirements of 1000 Friends of Oregon’s background
screening process.

1000 Friends of Oregon is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.