Post Landfill Action Network: Co-Executive Director

The Post Landfill Action Network team is seeking a new Co-Executive Director to help lead the next chapter of the organization. This person will have exceptional skills in collaborative leadership and project management (including quantitative analysis), as well as leadership experience in social and environmental  justice spaces. We are not limiting our search to expect a ‘fully formed’ director with advanced technical expertise (e.g., budget management, fundraising, etc.); rather, ideal candidates will demonstrate strong fundamentals including an aptitude for continuous learning and growth.

This position will work closely with the current Co-ED (Faye) and outgoing Co-ED (Alex – who is taking on another role within the PLAN team) to ensure a smooth transition. In applying for this position, please read this letter from our Board of Directors (BOD), Alex, and Faye about this transition. This position will continue to work closely with Faye to share the responsibilities of Co-Executive Directorship. Below are the essential qualities and skills we are seeking, with accompanying illustrative responsibilities:

Collaborative Leadership 

  • Must have the ability to be a team player at the same time as being a leader. They must display that they can set a standard of leadership that fosters project ownership, collaboration, empathic management, and constant growth for themself and the team as a whole.
  • High level of facilitation skill to drive and participate in consensus-based decision-making, staff retreats, and full-team strategic visioning.
  • Skill and comfort managing a team that values cultural and racial diversity and facilitating anti-oppressive practices within the organization.
  • Creating and maintaining a work environment that attracts, retains, and motivates a diverse and talented staff.
  • Mentorship and oversight of all staff, including benefits and management systems such as payroll, time tracking, hiring and firing, onboarding and offboarding, supervisor and peer evaluation processes, etc.


Program Management 

  • Ability to manage projects towards forward motion, constantly integrating high-level strategic vision with on-the-ground implementation.
    Comfort and skill in developing, managing, and tracking the overall organizational budget that incorporates a series of project budgets. This includes: quarterly budget reports to the Board of Directors and annual budget proposals for the upcoming fiscal year, as well as working with a bookkeeper to manage payroll, reimbursements, state tax filings, annual report, and audit.
  • Skill in overseeing and driving fundraising efforts which include: managing the network of donors and foundations, representing the organization in fundraising spaces, and supporting and holding staff accountable in their own fundraising efforts.
  • Identifying needs and opportunities in the movement and strategizing on the best course of action for the organization.

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