Public Lands

Public lands throughout the country are currently under attack.  Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service lands, which were created over 100 years ago, and are owned by the public, are being proposed to be privatized and sold the highest bidder in states across the country.  If the industry-backed movement is successful, it will have national implications.

Public lands are one of the great equalizers in America.  Whether you are poor or rich, live in an urban or rural environment, public lands are owned by all Americans.  If the anti-public lands movement is successful, it will result in the sale of public lands, and the wealthy, elite will be the ones that will continue to have access to open space.  It will create a system of winners and losers, and working class communities will suffer as a result.

GreenLatinos continues to advocate strongly for public lands designations, protections, and access. The organization has worked ardently on monuments designations like the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument, the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument - all of which directly impact Latino communities, heritage, and culture. 

GreenLatinos is also a member of the Latino Conservation Alliance - a  strategic partnership of five Latino organizations aligned to protect public lands, including: HECHOGreenLatinosHispanic FederationHispanic Access Foundation, and Latino Outdoors

Current Advocacy Efforts include:

  • Designation of the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument
  • Designation of Bears Ears National Monument
  • Pushing for greater outreach and inclusion efforts with Latino communities by conservation and public lands agencies




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