The majority of Americans knows that climate change poses an undeniable threat to our national security, public health, and economy. That’s why we cannot allow President Trump and Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to stack the deck for polluters by repealing the Clean Power Plan and replacing it with a polluter-approved alternative. Now is the time to support critical climate change safeguards and keep building a clean energy economy that works for all Americans.

Submit a comment to the EPA in support of the lifesaving  Clean Power Plan, which protects our health, limits carbon pollution from power plants, and encourages clean energy development. We cannot allow corporate polluters to dictate our health policies. It’s time to stand up for every American’s right to clean, healthy air and a safe future for our children.

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I oppose Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s reckless proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan. The EPA has a duty to protect us from climate change, which is exacerbating destructive extreme weather events that threaten our communities, our families, and our way of life. The EPA’s mission is to “protect human health and the environment” – we need Wheeler to live up to that solemn responsibility.

I support the Clean Power Plan because it sets common sense limits on dangerous carbon pollution from power plants and encourages the development of clean, renewable energy. By moving to repeal the Clean Power Plan and replace it with a polluter-approved alternative, Wheeler is undermining vital health protections that reduce air pollution and address climate change. We need the EPA to strengthen safeguards that address climate change, not tear them down, especially in the wake of more frequent and severe extreme weather events. Acting Administrator Wheeler should immediately reconsider this reckless and harmful action that is not based in science. 

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    We need the Clean Power Plan to secure clean air and climate futures!!
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    Daniela Ochoa
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    We need a Clean Power Plan to make ensure our future generations are not worse off than the current generation. This is our moral duty.
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    Virginia E Palacios
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    The Clean Power Plan was worked on and revised with numerous discussions and participation from all sectors and stakeholders across all states. The only changes it needs are improvements to keep up with the changing and improving economics of cleaner power generation to better provide jobs, improve health and the environment for all communities.
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    Sign the petition: OPPOSE TRUMP and WHEELER’S ATTACKS ON OUR HEALTH AND THE CLIMATE http://www.greenlatinos.org/protectcpp?recruiter_id=125
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    We need drastic steps to save the world, not belligerent backwards missteps that worsen the problems (for profit).
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    Protect the environment
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    Sign the petition: OPPOSE TRUMP and WHEELER’S ATTACKS ON OUR HEALTH AND THE CLIMATE http://www.greenlatinos.org/protectcpp?recruiter_id=7788
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    The replacement plan puts the most vunerable communities at even more risk. It is the local eneomies and public health at stake here—by repealing the CPP, low income, brown, black, and indigenous commuities are hurt first and for a longer duration.
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