Online Advocacy Manager

The National Parks Conservation Association, a 100-year old nonprofit advocacy organization and the nation’s leading voice for national parks seeks an Online Advocacy Manager. The online advocacy manager will develop and execute integrated, strategic and creative online advocacy campaigns, with an emphasis on email and online-to-offline activation. The position is responsible for managing the advocacy components of NPCA’s eCRM (currently Blackbaud Luminate) and mobile advocacy (currently Phone2Action) and serves as a key advocacy strategist on the digital communications team.

The manager should excel at working independently and on tight deadlines. They will need to proactively identify advocacy opportunities, project-manage and work closely with colleagues (some remote) in a fast-paced work environment. Strong writing skills and familiarity with HTML are required. Comfort in cross-media campaigning (i.e. campaigns that utilize a variety of digital media and platforms) strongly preferred.


Location: Washington, DC preferred

Salary: Salary is based on location and experience. Washington, DC (up to $62k)


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Qualified applicants please submit your resume and cover letter directly online to under "Careers". No phone calls please. NPCA is an EOE.
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    Hispanics need clean air I’ve got a question because I’ve got a neighbor in a residential area in Arvada CO I live at 5902 Secrest Dr and he lives at 5900 Secrest dr80003 anyway I’ve been having problems and I’ve advised her banner that he’s running a commercial account of body work paint everything and I mean they do everything motors rebuild them I don’t care about that but all the stuff from the Bondo to the primer to the paint to the clear everything they spray in the air I can’t even bring over my grandkids because they pollute and I told the city of Arvada a few times and I keep getting the run around and they’re making a sick that I am my wife have had to take an inhaler and we’ve had problems with their lungs and all that stuff keeps coming in our home and getting all over our cars that it’s eating the clear off of my car it’s I mean it’s doing damage and they they just spray that the bondo stuff all in the air have taken pictures of shown the city of Arvada and they ignore me and it’s because I’m the only Latino in the neighborhood and this guy owns his house I rent I’ve talked to my landlady and she’s willing to do anything she can but they’ve gotten to the point where they have the neighbor Jeff at 5900 has told me that I need to move and there he’s going to make sure that I’m out because he’s lived there for 20 odd years and I’ve lived here for six and I’ve rent and he owns he’s demanding because he does he thinks he can just pollute the air and do what he wants and I’m not getting any kind of results from the city of Arvada I’ve tried to talk to supervisors I’ve talked to code enforcement they come in the check and I don’t know that maybe because I’m brown I don’t know but I’m really tired of this can you advise me of what I need to do or what steps I need to take next sincerely Jerry Delgado my phone number is 3 03-284-9705 I’ve got text from this guy telling me to F off and just a whole bunch of things he’s always causing problems with me and I’ve told him can you just rent you a place because he makes good money and he’s got they work on on really nice cars and I think that’s what diverts it from the city of Arvada because their muscle cars and and the older early okay Chevy trucks and they do all the work on them and everything that well pieces on they do everything the part that’s getting me is it all the stuff is in the air and this stuff lands on our furniture it lends it doesn’t matter if we close the windows it comes in through the air conditioner they just won’t stop and I’ve I’ve asked for a number of years and Arvada will send someone but they get interested in in the muscle cars and they just give him a warning and maybe not even and I’m not the only one that ever complained before that they told me they had complaints but nobody’s ever done anything and I don’t know what’s going on but I do know for a fact that he has demanded that I move and I don’t want to move my rent is cheap my house is is old but it’s I keep it up and I’ve got a beautiful yard I’ve got I get along with all the other neighbors this guy just he does things on purpose and he’s doing it to make him money he makes anywhere between $10,000 to 16 or 17, 000 per vehicle that that he turns around and sells I mean I’ve got pictures of him actually selling cars that weren’t even titled in Colorado that’s highly illegal and against federal regulations and he’s he’s just he’s completely out of hand I’m not blonde and blue-eyed like he would like me to be and I’m not going to kiss his rear end like he wants me to I’ve tried to get along with him he has an older man that lives with him that he treats like a slave and he is Hispanic he’s from alamosa Colorado his family that’s where he was raised I don’t know what the problem is and I don’t know what’s going on but I do know that this I’m asking if there’s anything that you can refer me to or that you can actually help me with thank you
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