Membership Principles

GreenLatinos is a table of individual Latino environmental and conservation advocates who, when working as a coalition, are focused on advancing an environmental agenda that is inclusive and representative of the unique views that we offer on these issues as they affect Latino communities. GreenLatinos Members subscribe to and are accountable to the following principles to help guide the work, collaboration, and interaction of the organization and its members:


1. We champion issues relevant to the Latino community.  We appreciate and support the importance of diversity and the importance of all races, ethnicities, creeds and cultures. Our focus, as a coalition, is on the impact and relationship of environmental and conservation issues as they affect Latino communities.


2. We come together as GreenLatinos Members to advance an environmental and conservation agenda that will be responsive to the needs of the broader Latino community.  While we as individuals have many different environmental and conservation priorities, as a coalition we strive to focus on all issues through a primary lens of what is best for the Latino community.  Recognizing that both us as individuals and our organizations will benefit in many ways from our participation in GreenLatinos, our coalition’s goal is to advance the interests of the Latino community on environmental and conservation issues.


3. Our membership is inclusive and welcoming of many different backgrounds, and experiences.  We value the perspectives and skills sets of all GreenLatinos Members, and are held together by the common thread of our passion for BOTH the environment and the Hispanic community.  We acknowledge that our strength as a coalition rests in our ability to continually bring strong and diverse Latino voices to the table; to engage with everyone as equal partners in our collective efforts; and to promote inclusiveness in every aspect of our work. As GreenLatinos Members, we offer our own views and perspectives as individuals, and are free to express those perspectives independent of our affiliated organizations and entities..


4.  We commit to bringing our support to the table as GreenLatinos Members.  Whenever possible, we strive to support each other by:

>>   Leveraging our collective talents and expertise

>>   Investing either organizationally or individually in each other’s work and projects to the extent that they align with our own,    or that of the coalition

>>    Building bridges, connections, and supports for the work of the coalition and its members

>>   Avoiding public criticism or censure of other members and giving each other the respect of constructive, internal dialogue      where disagreements may occur


5. We are transparent in our communications, actions, and efforts as a coalition. We subscribe to an ethic of sharing information and data in a manner that is opened and provides due credit and attribution. We recognize that GreenLatinos strives to make decisions based on consensus and compromise.  We commit to flexibility in our positions and opinions, and seek to uphold the following tenets in all of our deliberations:

>>   Clarity

>>   Transparency

>>   Consensus and compromise

>>   Unity and support for group decisions


As Members of GreenLatinos, we affirm that we will abide by these forgoing principles.