Director of Media Relations and Advocacy Communications

Job Summary:


The Director of Media Relations and Advocacy Communications provides leadership in advancing NRCM and our advocacy work through the media. The individual develops, maintains, and manages relationships with reporters, editorial writers, and media representatives; monitors the media landscape; helps implement news conferences and media events; helps shape persuasive communications about policy issues; assists in the production and revision of communications documents; helps staff develop effective communications skills; and develops NRCM’s overall advocacy communications plan.




  • Bachelor’s Degree required (preferably in writing, journalism, communications, or environmental policy). Master’s Degree welcome.
  • At least three years of relevant communications experience with a non-profit, business, or media organization, with a demonstrated track record of success.
  • Must have exceptional writing, editing, and communications skills and enough understanding of design and layout to give meaningful feedback during production of communications materials.
  • Passion for staying current with traditional news and new media, including evolving media trends.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain productive relations with media representatives.
  • Ability to learn policy issues quickly, and communicate complex issues in simple and persuasive terms to a variety of audiences.
  • Computer and social media literacy required. Established skills in video and podcast production desired.
  • Ability to manage workload and meet deadlines, and, in response to breaking news and communication opportunities, be able to adjust priorities with little notice.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in teams and contribute constructively to team projects.
  • Commitment to Maine’s environment and NRCM’s mission.


Supervisor:    Advocacy Director

Status:            Full-time, Salaried, Exempt


Job Responsibilities:


  • Media Strategy and Relations: Develop and help implement media strategy for NRCM and our issue campaigns. Coordinate media activities, including drafting news advisories and news releases, planning news conferences (researching possible locations, contacting potential spokespeople, ensuring production of visuals), pitching reporters and editorial boards, and crafting/guiding opinion pieces. Develop and maintain strong and productive relationships with media representatives, and maintain comprehensive media contact database.
  • Advocacy Communications Strategy: Help develop and coordinate NRCM’s position statements, honing messages, strategies, and the substance of advocacy communications campaigns. Assist staff in determining the newsworthiness of NRCM’s work. Assist advocacy staff in developing effective communications skills.
  • News Generation: Explore and help implement strategies for generating news and building public engagement with NRCM’s advocacy agenda, including through regular blog posts and podcasts, and through Facebook live, social media, videos, and other on-line and new media strategies.
  • Copy Generation and Editing: Assist with drafting and editing NRCM advocacy materials, including reviewing and providing edits of action alerts, fact sheets, and other materials generated by advocacy staff. Work with Communications team and project staff to ensure advocacy web pages are kept up to date.
  • News Landscape Analysis: Closely monitor and track news of interest to the organization, distributing key news stories internally to help staff maintain current understanding of developments and the evolving news landscape.
  • Publications and Social Media: Assist the Communications team with the development, implementation, and distribution of publications, videos, social media, and public engagement materials, with strong focus on effective messages, potential visuals, message consistency, and accessibility. Bring advocacy messaging to the work of other departments (Philanthropy, Communications) as requested.
  • Special Projects: Assist with special communication projects, which may include managing video projects, written materials that advance NRCM, or other products of general interest to the organization. Assistance with photography, as needed.    
  • Advocacy Communications Plan: Prepare and maintain NRCM’s advocacy communications plan and budget.


Common NRCM Job Responsibilities


  • Maintain positive and productive working relationships with all NRCM staff members. This includes providing and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Participate in building productive relationships with NRCM’s members, external

      partners, policymakers, and the general public.

  • Participate in organizational meetings and activities as requested, such as monthly staff meetings, trainings, and ad hoc planning committees.
  • Complete all administrative work on time, such as time sheets, purchase orders, project reports, and planning documents.
  • Be familiar with and follow organizational protocols and policies.


Physical Requirements of the Job


The job requires working at a computer station for substantial lengths of time; performing office duties such as phoning, filing, and copying, and the ability to lift objects up to 10 pounds. Position also involves travel and transportation of materials needed for news conferences (e.g. easels, exhibits), and setting up news conferences in a variety of places, including outside and places that may not be ADA accessible.


Workplace Environment


NRCM strives to provide a supportive work environment through fair and competitive compensation and benefits, up-to-date equipment and IT support, adequate supervision, and ongoing professional development. The work environment is friendly, fun, cooperative, and very fast-paced. Staff members need to be able to work independently and adapt to changing priorities.




NRCM is committed to providing fair and competitive compensation to its employees. We base our compensation decisions on:


  • A biennial market survey of comparable organizations and localities
  • An evaluation of employee qualifications that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, religion, physical/mental ability, sexual orientation, or national origin
  • High employee performance that advances our strategic plan and other organizational priorities.
  • Availability of financial resources for the organization.
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