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Associate Membership comes with many benefits.  You will receive our regular communications on exciting projects occurring throughout the network. You will have access to job postings in the environmental and conservation fields, and you will have offers to attend exclusive GreenLatinos Members-only events.  

Associate Membership will provide you with an instant network of thousands of similarly committed individuals from around the country that you can strategize with, partner, and elevate the advocacy that we all do!



Official Membership is our most active, inclusive, and participatory category of membership. Full Membership includes all of the benefits of Associate Membership, however, and most importantly, you will have full voting privileges during our annual GreenLatinos National Summit - and will play an integral role in shaping the policy priorities for the entire network... You will be helping to set the Latino agenda on environmental and conservation issues!

Full Members will have an opportunity to participate in the voting process for the GreenLatinos National Policy Priorities. Voting members must meet the criteria below AND consent to the GreenLatinos Members' Principles to participate.

  • Identify as Hispanic/Latino/Chicano/Latinx etc.


  • Represent an organization that is principally focused on serving the Latino community


  • Have an organizational role that principally serves the Hispanic community


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