Virtual Forest Bathing Workshop

Staying connected to the natural world is essential to our well-being. Being outdoors, breathing fresh air, feeling the breeze against your skin, sensing the sunlight on your face, listening to birdsong and noticing life, abundance and interconnectivity around us, is critical for sustaining our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Shinrin-Yoku, also known as “Forest Bathing” or “Forest Therapy”, directly translated, means, “bathing in the atmosphere of the forest”. This practice has been found to boost immunity by lowering cortisol levels and increasing natural killer (NK) cells through exposure to phytoncides and increased sensory connection. In Forest Therapy, we say, “The Guide opens the doors. The Forest is the therapist.”

To participate, you will need to find a safe, comfortable place in the outdoors, such as a patch of grass, a nearby tree, a front or back yard, a hammock, a porch, a vacant lot, or any other green space where you can just be. If you are unable to leave your home, you can even participate by looking at nature through your window or by sitting next to an indoor plant or items that represent nature to you, such as a rock, seashells, a favorite image of nature, etc.

This 1.25 hour guided experience will consist of a series of guided invitations to enhance your sensory connection to the natural world. This is not a normal Zoom meeting. You will not need to have access to a screen. Simply being able to listen to the guided invitations will be all you need to participate.

Let’s join together in community in the wonderment of nature’s healing embrace. 

Member Lead: Tamberly Conway

Tuesday, May 19 2020 (3 PM EST)

1.25 hr session

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