April 21, 2020

As America Faces a Public Health Crisis, Trump’s Release of the Dirty Water Rule Endangers Lives



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Washington, DC – In another effort to undermine the ongoing climate crisis and push an anti-environmental agenda, the Trump administration has released its signature Clean Water Act rollback, the Dirty Water Rule. Trump’s decision to rollback these protections exacerbates the vulnerability of people’s health amid a public health crisis and reducing these environmental safeguards places these communities in more jeopardy. 


More and more activists have taken the stage united against these rollbacks that will first and most harm their own communities. Yet as recognition grows and more attention is brought onto the climate fight, the Trump administration is disconcertingly seeking to slash environmental protections and further jeopardize the public health of Americans amid a crisis. 


Dr. Elena Rios, President, National Hispanic Medical Association:  

“Trump’s Dirty Water Rule will directly impact the public health of communities that rely on clean water — communities that are already at risk during the current global pandemic. Our drinking water sources are increasingly threatened by the impacts of climate change and the administration’s disregard of the interest of State and Tribes to protect their water and protect their communities from harmful projects could harm waters essential to their livelihoods.”


Angel Peña, President, Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project: 

“The Dirty Water Rule is a radical misinterpretation of the Clean Water Act that will wipe out protections for streams and rivers used by rural, urban, and tribal communities for fishing and recreation. Clean water is essential for healthy fish, wildlife, native habitat, and quality outdoor recreation opportunities -- Trump and his administration are putting our ecosystems at risk.”


Laura Esquivel, Vice President of Federal Policy and Advocacy, Hispanic Federation

“This latest rollback of protections for people and the planet is reprehensible anytime, but especially in a time of Covid-19 which is particularly acute in communities with underlying health conditions. It is more imperative than ever that all households have access to clean drinking water. This regressive action underscores the lack of leadership that continues to risk lives and deteriorate the chance for a healthy future for our environment and communities. Clean water is a human right, but once again we see the Trump administration value polluting businesses and their profits over the lives of people.”

Mark Magaña, Founding President & CEO, GreenLatinos

“Even in times of crisis, when our economy is in shambles and our public health is at risk, Trump continues to push our communities down and feed the pockets of polluters dumping toxic chemicals into our water sources. The Trump administration is taking a huge step backwards on our important water protections, by failing to enforce and weakening clean water rules for corporate polluters.”




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