GreenLatinos Statement on Trump Administration Clean Power Plan Replacement Proposal


August 21, 2018

Contact: Amanda Aguirre, or 281-814-4627


GreenLatinos Statement on Trump Administration Proposal to Dismantle the Clean Power Plan and Abandoning the Health of our Communities


Washington, D.C. -- Today, the Trump Administration introduced a proposal to dismantle the Clean Power Plan. In response, GreenLatinos Founding President & CEO, Mark Magaña released the following statement:

“The Trump Administration continues to put the health of the Latino community and all Americans at risk by gutting the Clean Power Plan, the first and only federal limit on carbon pollution from power plants – a major source of the pollution that exacerbates climate change – which protects public health and promotes climate change solutions.

The Latino community is hit first and worst by climate change and we suffer disproportionate public health effects with with 40% of Latinos living within 30 miles of a power plant. The stakes are too high, with Latinx children being 40% more likely to die from asthma than non-Latino white children.

Today, as we continue to witness these severe weather patterns and devastating impacts of carbon pollution on public health, the Trump Administration is moving to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, endangering the health of our communities and undermine the transition to cleaner and safer renewable energy sources.

GreenLatinos rejects the efforts by the Trump Administration and Acting Administrator Wheeler as they disregard the overwhelming support for increasing efforts to protect our air quality.”



About GreenLatinos:

GreenLatinos is a national non-profit organization that convenes a broad coalition of Latino leaders committed to addressing national, regional and local environmental, natural resources and conservation issues that significantly affect the health and welfare of the Latino community in the United States. GreenLatinos provides an inclusive table at which its members establish collaborative partnerships and networks to improve the environment; protect and promote conservation of land and other natural resources; amplify the voices of minority, low-income and tribal communities; and train, mentor, and promote the current and future generations of Latino environmental leaders for the benefit of the Latino community and beyond. GreenLatinos develops and advocates for policies and programs to advance this mission. For more information, visit

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